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Packaging Press Operators Embrace LiftPlus by Magline

Packaging Press Operators Embrace LiftPlus by Magline


Standish, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2016 -- One of the greatest challenges in the packaging industry, including manufacturing cells, is roll handling. The challenge has been finding a mechanism that would lift the roll to the required height, allowing rolls to be picked up by the unit and assembled on a press without the operator ever having to lift. Technology innovator Magline, best known for two wheel hand trucks used in the beverage industry has solved the roll handling riddle with LiftPlus.

Magline's innovative LiftPlus, provides an all-in-one lift, transporter, and positioner. The LiftPlus is a workforce multiplier that kicks in productivity with no need for special training or licensing. The ergonomic answer to moving heavy rolls is found with the arbor attachment. The LiftPlus was designed for ease of use, higher productivity, and to keep workers on the job and free from injuries; lifting 350 pounds easily with an all-metal frame platform and a screw-driven lift that delivers smooth precision that hydraulics or chains just cannot match.

Andrea Horner, Magline's vice president of marketing stated, "This powered product demonstrates our commitment to the automotive sector and those customers who requested a durable, ergonomic, and quality equipment to allow safe use and transport within the packaging industry."

The LiftPlus product is offered through all current channels of distribution. To read more, go to: To view the LiftPlus video demonstration, go to:

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