Packet General Spins off Its Cloud Data Encryption Service Business Unit Into an Independent Company to Meet the Growing Demand Stemming from Hipaa and Pci Compliance

The new company, Server General Inc., will focus on helping small-to-medium sized businesses to protect their cloud data through transparent encryption which will be offered as a service.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2014 -- Packet General, a pioneer in data security announced today that it will spin off its data encryption service business unit into an independent company.

“Most small businesses don’t want to set up their own key servers or hire programmers in order to encrypt their data. They just want to become compliant while ensuring that their data is safe,” said Raj Sharma, CEO of Packet General Networks, Inc. “No one provides a vendor-neutral data-encryption service that cuts across different clouds. Our encryption service has been designed to do just that — allow customers to encrypt their data in minutes no matter where the sensitive server is located. No programming is required. No need to install key servers. No switching of cloud vendors”.

The Server General service is based on an open source encryption technology that is freely available within every Linux distribution. The Server General team has intimate knowledge of the inner workings of this open source technology as it is based on a stackable encryption file system that was written by Dr. Erez Zadok, the CTO of Server General Inc. “We are lucky to be at this juncture when the business climate is right and we have the solution that works”, said Erez Zadok, the CTO.

“Ten months ago when we set up a separate business unit to test the market, it was based on a simple belief — that small-to-medium sized businesses don’t want yet another encryption device. They want a partner who can help them secure their data. The initial success of Server General has proved us right”, said Mr. Sharma.

The key benefits of using SG-DES are:

Transparently encrypt data stored in a cloud server deployed on any public or private cloud.

Maintain full and absolute control over your encryption keys by storing them in an appliance deployed on- or off-premises.

Control access to sensitive information via role-based management.

Can be used to achieve regulatory compliance with PCI, HIPAA, and EU Privacy Laws.

The service is available now starting at $49.99/repository per month (paid annually). The cloud key locker is free, whereas the on-premises key locker is $499.99/month.


About Packet General
Packet General is a data security company that provides encryption appliances to large enterprises so they can achieve regulatory compliance.

For more information about Server General, please visit

About Server General
Server General Inc. provides a cloud data encryption service to small-to-medium sized businesses who are looking to achieve regulatory regulatory compliance. Server General is based in New York, USA.

For more information about Server General, please visit or call 650-485-1415.

Diane Eisele
Packet General