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Packet Networks Reveals Sensest Wearable Wireless Motion Tracking Device


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- Motion tracking has already become a critical component in many of today’s electronics including smart phones, tablets, gaming consoles, smart TVs and even industrial tools. Packet Networks is taking motion tracking to the next level with the announcement of Sensest. The new wearable wireless device provides an intuitive way for people to interact with each other and commonly used electronic appliances and gadgets. Sensest can be used to improve gaming, health and fitness, UI/UX with real time graphics and security.

Sensest tracks user motion with the use of a gyroscope, accelerometer and compass. All of these functions are integrated into a small motion sensor supplied with a wi-fi module. “Sensest takes your daily activities to a whole new level,” said a spokesperson for Packet Networks. “In the not too distant future we will all be connected to network services. In addition to people being connected to the Internet through their devices, devices will be connected to each other directly. You will have the ability to control anything from cars to your running shoes remotely.”

The company envisions broad applications for the Sensest technology. For example, homes may be able to adjust their temperature according to the weather and alarms could wake people up earlier depending on traffic. Workouts can be more effective, with Sensest reporting the number of steps taken and calories burned, tracking a person’s progress and reporting back to a personal trainer who could be half way around the world. Gaming will be more of an experience with Sensest. It would eliminate the need for a handheld controller. The gaming console could detect a user’s motion making fights, hits and chases feel more real.

Sensest could eventually replace ID cards and login systems making it a safer security solution for families or businesses. A person approaching a locked door wouldn’t need to do a thing. The system would recognize them and let them in vastly improving authentication. “Imagine you come to your car with arms full of groceries and instead of struggling to get your keys a sensor opens the trunk for you,” the spokesperson continued. “Let our technology foresee your needs and help simplify your day.”

Packet Networks now has working prototypes of Sensest and has completed the hardware and firmware. The company is currently conducting fund raising activities to put the device into mass production.

About Packet Networks
Packet Networks is a boutique telecommunications consulting company based in London. The company has established relationships with many of the large mobile manufacturers and carriers and several other blue chip companies. Packet Networks advises on R&D strategy and provides consulting services for network technology. For more information about the company or its new Sensest device, visit: bit.ly/sensest