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Padre Electronics Co., Ltd. Offers World'S Thinnest High Quality Batteries


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2015 -- Padre Electronics Co., Ltd. offers ultra-thin batteries that are said to be the world's thinnest batteries, having only 0.4mm thickness. These batteries are almost paper-thin that can be used in multiple electronic gadgets like smart card and signal system projects. These batteries are also eco-friendly, have a long shelf life of over 10 years, they have low self-discharge rate as well which is less than 2% per year and they are also low cost which means their replacing cost is not very high. As stated by Padre Electronics Co., Ltd., "Our batteries are ultra-high in energy density. 200%~300% of lithium polymer battery, as high as 400WH/ means much smaller size and much higher capacity, longer work time".

Padre Electronics Co., Ltd. is a China based company; they are now amongst the top 10 rechargeable battery power solution providers in Asia. As stated by Padre Electronics Co., Ltd., "Since the past 10 years we have served the world market with great quality lithium ion battery, lithium polymer battery, LiFePO4 battery, cells and packs. Among them, the fast charge battery, ultra-thin battery, curved battery, ultra high and low temp battery, high rate battery and LTO battery brought us worldwide reputations as renowned lithium polymer battery & LiFePO4 power battery pack manufacturer in China".

This ultra-thin battery can be used in many devices, some of them are OTP cards, Power cards, Smart credit cards, Active RFID, Tire pressure testing system, GPS System, Nonstop charging system, Container identification, Alarm system, Back-up record power, Medical devices, Intelligence parking lot, Vehicle charge checking, Mine personnel identification, Automated railcar identification management, Vehicle entry & exit control, Campus all-purpose card, Public transportation card, Associate card, Driver license card, Wireless and other military equipment, Medical card, Animal identification(raising cattle, sheep, pigeon, etc.), Automated management of logistic & storage, Automobile remote control lock, Intellectualized door, Smart security cards, Wireless asset tracking tags, Electronics record tracking system, Digital devices, E-connecting goods and Powered smart cards.

Padre Electronics Co., Ltd. believes in quality and not quantity yet they manage to produce a monthly output of over 8 million rechargeable lithium batteries. But to overlook the quality of the batteries produced by them, they have a huge team of 1000+ highly skilled and trained workers. They also have a very strong R&D team which ensures continuous improvement and upgrading of the batteries which are produced by Padre Electronics Co., Ltd.

About Padre Electronics Co., Ltd.
Padre Electronics Co., Ltd. is a China based high quality battery manufacturing company. Their batteries are widely used by many global important companies in consumer electronics industry, transport industry, telecommunication, military system, power generation industry, energy storage and industrial manufacturing system.

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