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Paduka Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Touts the Benefits of Ionized Water


New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2012 -- According to the United States Geological Survey, the average human can live approximately one week without water. Natural disasters appear to be occurring more frequently though and, from Tropical Storm Irina which hit Madagascar to Hurricane Sandy which devastated parts of New York, humans have found that basic necessities, such as safe drinking water, can be hard to come by after a disaster of this type or another crisis. For this reason, humans need to be prepared, but traditional drinking water is often not the best option, according to V K Rajagopalan of Paduka Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Rajagopalan explains why ionized water is the better choice in this situation.

Ionized water benefits vary greatly, but the major benefit of drinking water of this type is it provides energy to get through each day. Studies have shown that ionized water fights excessive acidity in the body, acidity which may be caused by an imbalanced diet. Foods commonly consumed by humans, such as tomatoes and sodas, are highly acidic and the imbalance this causes is exacerbated by eating cooked and processed foods. A pH imbalance in the body leads to dental problems, low body temperature, fatigue and a weakened immune system.

Ordinary water tends to acquire electrons from atoms in the vicinity, including those in human cells, which damages and destabilizes these cells. Tissue damage is the result of this. Ionized water, in contrast, does not pull these electrons from surrounding atoms, but actually fights this cell damage by preventing the water from taking electrons from human cells. This helps to boost the immune system, reducing the risk of many health issues which can have serious or deadly consequences during a crisis.

"Preparation is key when a natural disaster strikes. Many choose to purchase Alkaline Water Brands, but those who make use of the Tyent UCE 9000 Turbo can prepare for times such as this by making water and storing it in BPA-free steel Goodlife bottles. In addition to being beneficial during times of crisis, ionized water can be consumed every day to leave the user feeling energized and the anti-aging properties of this water should not be overlooked. What makes the UCE 9000 Turbo so popular is the user has complete control over the pH of the water. The machine produces strongly alkaline water for everyday drinking and highly acidic water for disinfection purposes," Mr. Rajagopalan states. "When used with the TYgo portable water ionizer, which requires no batteries or power source, humans have access to fresh, safe drinking water at all times."

"Don't wait until disaster strikes to start preparing," Mr. Rajagopalan states emphatically. "Now is the time to ensure you will always have a source of fresh drinking water. One major advantage of choosing a water ionizer over other methods of water storage is the water may be consumed every day. The health benefits of drinking this water will benefit users year round."

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An information services company in New Delhi, India, Paduka Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is the creation of V K Rajagopalan, a strong advocate and believer in healthy living. For years now, Mr. Rajagopalan and his family have been using filtered water and natural supplements for better health. Mr. Rajagopalan is in his early 50s and shares what he has learned over the years with others in the hopes of educating them so they can also lead a healthier life.