Two New Templates Are Configured Into 3D Flip Book Maker


Guangdong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2013 -- Version 1.5.7 of 3D PageFlip Professional, flip book maker that allows PDF documents to be converted into page flipping electronic books, introduces two new templates in addition to 2D and flash based 3D effect templates.

3D PageFlip Professional is upgraded to version 1.5.7 on January 28. Two new templates are configured in to the flip book maker for its users. One is the Moving Template, which provides a dynamic flash open when apply. It is suitable to people who like dynamic effect. The other one is Flexible Template which is the most flexible one enables flexible functions. These two new ones are 2D template for flipping book designing. All the templates configured in 3D PageFlip Professional are free.

The flipbook software provides 2D and 3D templates for page flipping book. A 2D template is for creating a flipping page book with a steady background, which can be any picture the creator uses in their design. Flash effects and sound can be incorporated, while content menus and page thumbnails can be viewed when called up. Page flipping is accomplished when the reader points their mouse on the lower right corner of a page, right clicks, or holds the right button down and drags it across the book.

Working in a similar fashion to the 2D version of an e-book, the 3D template features a moveable background that the reader can manipulate, along with the angle in which the book is read. Tilt angle and zoom functions are included within the overall window. The more flexible workings of the 3D template help to impress readers, bosses, and business customers or friends. A full 3D production can be used as a company brochure or product magazine.

The 3D designs created with 3D page flip software are viewable on multiple platforms, including Mac, Windows, and mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android. Using the software’s extended functionality, catalogs, reports, brochures, and photo albums can be created. In addition to creating 3D flip books online from PDF, documents in Word, text, RTF, and XLS formats can be converted with PC tools available for the flip book PDF tool.

Other features let users add 360 degree spinning objects and flash animations to any virtual 3D book page. Images and slideshows, plus text and buttons can easily be added with integrated tools. Hyperlinks can be included where needed. Videos and other multimedia are also viewable over the same background the overall book is.

Both the 2D and 3D templates provide tools for searching, printing, and sharing page flipping books or viewing it on a full screen. Version 1.5.7 of 3D PageFlip Professional will be available January 28, 2013 with templates for creating dynamic 3D flash openings and maximizing the visibility of toolbar buttons. Visit http://www.3dpageflip.com/index.html to see the full list of features and possibilities of the software.

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