Taking Care of Your Nails

"A pedicure is generally done for relaxing the skin at feet and rejuvenating it. Many people like to do it on their own."


Herndon, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2012 -- We all take out feet for granted, we get up every morning and go to sleep every night without giving any thought to our feet. It's time to take care of them, you can relax your feet with spa treatment. The most common treatment for feet is the pedicure. Many people prefer doing it themselves at home. A pedicure is a good treatment for brittle nails and for preventing nail disorders. It actually relaxes your feet. There are various types of pedicures like the regular one which can be done at home, French pedicure, paraffin and nail spa.

A pedicure is generally done for relaxing the skin at feet and rejuvenating it. Many people like to do it on their own. It involves soaking of your feet in soap water, so that the skin becomes soft and it becomes easy to remove the dead skin. Then they do the nail clipping and filing. This helps in giving your nails proper shape. Your feet are then scrubbed with pumice stone and moisturizer is applied. Pedicure continues with massaging of your foot. The last step is application of nail paint of your choice. This is the normal method which can be carried out at home by your self.

A French pedicure, also known as a pedicure frances, is the latest trend. It includes general scrubbing with pumice stone, massaging of the foot, moisturizing your feet and nail paint application. It can be differentiated from other processes by its nail paint application. In French pedicure they apply neutral color and white color on the tip of the nail. The nails can be given oval, square or round shape. Paraffin pedicure procedure is different from the other traditional pedicure in its process of moisturizing your feet. Instead of moisturizer, paraffin is used in this process. After doing the routine soaking, clipping, filling and scrubbing of the feet, paraffin is applied on the feet. Then cold water is used on the paraffin soaked feet so that the moisture from the paraffin is absorbed by your feet. Cold water turns the paraffin hard and it is then easily removable.

Recently nail spa has come up all over the places, though not many people have experienced it. It provides manicure and pedicure services. Here you are provided with longer services and you obviously pay extra for these services. They even remove the extra hair from your feet by waxing. Along with feet, lower parts of the legs are also massaged unlike the other pedicure procedure. Nail spa also provides masks and wraps for your feet. Nail spa provides you with physical and emotional relaxation to you. These are all the reasons and ways that you can reward those hard-working feet of yours. Find a great pedicure in Yellow Pages Directory or paginas amarillas (in Spanish) by visiting YaSabe at: http://www.yasabe.com/es/s/USA/Salon.html