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Painful Sore Muscles? Sports Trainer Has Tool to Assist in Massage


Long Island City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- There is evidence to support the role of massage in sports training and in injury recovery. The benefit of additional nutrients and oxygen passing to the injured or tired muscle speeds the repair process. For many, it is a vital element of their training program.

Depending on the particular athlete or person, a full body massage may not be the best possible solution, but a massage is certainly part of the solution.

“There is a high cost associated with massage and massage therapy. This new tool will eliminate the need for costly massages on a regular basis,” said Brad Walker of

The tool Brad is referring to is the RangeRoller. Looking something like a modified rolling pin, the RangeRoller has proprietary TriggerTreads™. These special rollers reach deep into worn and tired muscles for deep tissue massage.

“Deep tissue massage is necessary for injury recovery. Often an injury is not superficial and even if it is, the effects of a deep tissue massage far outweigh anything that is superficial,” said Walker.

Massage has many benefits for the athlete and anyone who is training or exercising. The RangeRoller can help with a number of different elements, such as:

- Improved recovery time after exercise;
- Loosen tight and cold muscles;
- Improved performance; and
- Improved circulation and range of motion.

The RangeRoller is not limited to self-massage. Professional massage therapists find this to be an invaluable tool in their practice. “A massage requires lots of strength and stamina. The RangeRoller helps take some of the strain off the professional,” said Walker.

The RangeRoller comes with Walker’s 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. Order today and get three bonuses for free. “Find out how the RangeRoller can help you increase your optimal performance and help prevent serious injury,” said Walker.

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