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Painless Recruiting: Online Recruiter Fixes Startup Hiring


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2016 -- The biggest challenge for Startups, especially in the early stages, is hiring the right people fast. HireTeamMate, themselves an early stage Startup in the Silicon Valley, has solved the challenge with streamlined and automated recruiting.

It's specialized – there's no resume ocean to wade through. HireTeamMate handles the entire recruiting process, from branding, finding the right talent, testing for aptitude, screening to teammate recommendations, finally delivering you only the top, most fit candidates. HireTeamMate's CMO and cofounder, Ninh Tran, who himself has previously been a Startup Founder, explained "we deliver actual Startup material, not a pile of resumes."

It's marketing. HireTeamMate handles another part of recruitment and Startup talent: with product discovery and in-depth team reviews, their Startup Hub is connected to each Startup and offers an introduction for companies that don't have the magnetism or brand of a large company.

It's efficient. Many Startups face the terror of investing in the hiring process and getting to the point of an offer, only to have their top candidate back out. HireTeamMate not only does the pre-screening, but it knows that best candidates often go with the first good offer. HireTeamMate gives you the best candidates paired with their efficiency, guaranteeing your Startup will be the first to reach them.

These major hurdles have been all but eliminated with HireTeamMate. All that is left for a startup to do is to actually hire: find an open spot in their calendar for an interview, conduct it, make an offer.

For more information, please contact Hannah Tran. Video and pictures of our new version, released New Years 2016, are available. Thank you for your time.

https://hireteammate.com - our current website
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoHZ4XVvMDw - a video that walks through our product

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