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Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer Reviews and Information Now Available at PaintZoomReviewer.com


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- PaintZoomReviewer.com, the premier website dedicated to bringing consumers unbiased Paint Zoom paint sprayer reviews, is pleased to announce the launch of a new website featuring coverage of paint sprayers in general as well as techniques for operating them safely and effectively.

The information from http://www.PaintZoomReviewer.com comes from independent third party sources consisting mostly of people who have purchased the Paint Zoom and would like to spread the word about its advantages and disadvantages when compared to most traditional electric paint sprayers.

Paint Zoom is advertised as a revolutionary new type of electric paint sprayer that will significantly decrease the amount of time necessary to paint the interiors and exteriors of houses while providing professional and lasting results. As one loyal user of Paint Zoom states, “It’s worth trying out since it has got to be the cheapest way to start doing some spray painting. It’s definitely cheaper than buying a compressor and a pressure or gravity fed paint sprayer. Hell, the only cheaper way to spray paint to this is to use an insect sprayer or paints in cans.”

The most common Paint Zoom complaints focus on the time it takes to prepare a room for painting rather than any specific drawback about the product itself. Because painting with Paint Zoom requires users to tape off and seal any part of the room they don’t want exposed to paint, the preparation process can be time consuming, but once the actual painting begins it tends to go very quickly.

“It is like any spray system you must spend time masking out all the areas which you don’t want to paint, e.g glass on windows, carpets, wooden and or tiled floors, all sprayers will leave a mist or ‘over spray’ so the only way to get nice clear sharp edges is to use masking tape and lots of paper,” a review on the PaintZoomReviewer.com website noted.

People who are interested in purchasing a paint sprayer are encouraged to visit the “Facts About Paint Zoom” portion of PaintZoomReviewer.com to learn more about the ways in which the device can help make painting easier. For instance, many people may not be aware that Paint Zoom works extremely well for painting a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces, and that it can take much of the hassle out painting furniture.

About PaintZoomReviewer.com
Jim Cross got tired of trying to find solid, reliable information about using electric paint sprayers to speed up the painting of rooms in his home. After much of his own research, he decided to put up a website with the information he found. For more information, please visit http://www.PaintZoomReviewer.com.