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Painted Floorboards: A Quirky Yet Understated Touch of Elegance

Wood floors are a favorite among people for its durability and inviting ambiance. These floors provide a flawless look but sometimes lack variety in terms of colour. Therefore, to attain a more vibrant feel, people prefer painted floorboards. Painting wood floors also hide all the imperfection that develop over time.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2016 -- Till the beginning of 1500, stone and bricks used to be flooring materials for many people. End of this century saw an increase in the use of wood as flooring materials. Wealthy people painted their floors with their favorite shade. The trend of painted floorboards gained a place in homes of people with normal income during the start of 1600.

Nowadays, people prefer these floors to bring in carved texture and interest. Painted floorboard bring the much-needed uniqueness and beauty to a house. Using simple wood floor paint, wood floor finishes, floor stain or varnish, floors can be given a rich look without putting in a huge investment. These are the colours that individuals usually prefer:

#Dark Hardwood

Dark hardwood is decorating homes of people since last 5-7 years. Even earlier, this color was preferred by a majority of the population. Some people also prefer dark chocolate brown color for hardwood. The color gives a vintage appeal to wooden flooring. For a more rustic look, people prefer to hand scrape the surface. Many owners also prefer this style in order to conceal the scratches and small nicks. These type of floors deflect light to a great extent and are an ideal fixture for nearly all type of establishments.

#Chipped Effect Painted Wood:

This kind of wooden floor option is favored by people who want a unique weathered look in flooring. The flooring material has an unfinished look due to the chipping paint splatters that add an interesting touch to one's decor. Each and every pattern on these floors embody a rich past and an artistic vibe. In a nutshell, every chipped off layer is a combination of rustic charm and contemporary appeal.

#Light wood floors

This category of painted floorboards dwindled from the industry after the 1980s. People who want a unique texture for their rooms are turning to this type of floors. The main reason for a decline in the preference of such floors was that they turn dark over time, which was unappealing.

#White/off white floors

White or off-white painted floorboards are ideal for vintage homes, farmhouses or homes with interiors that are a mix of modern and traditional elements. This flooring material requires less maintenance. They have a characteristic to hide marks and stains in comparison to dark colored floors. They add a little contrast to the living space and have a tendency of deflecting most of the light. Therefore, this flooring alternative is more preferred to illuminate large spaces on a minimum budget.

Apart from these flooring options, many other alternatives are available such as shabby chic painted pine, distressed painted pine, weathered painted wood and more. The Reclaimed Flooring Company is a reliable source for all these classic floorboards. The flooring materials provided timeless elegance and beauty with intricate patterns and impeccable designs.

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