Painter Receives Award Two Years in a Row

For the third consecutive year, painter Steve Skarritt has won an award for his work.


Katy, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 -- His company received the Katy Award for Painters and Paint Contractors this year. The company also won the same award when it was known as the Houston Award.

Local and small businesses form the backbone of many small communities. These businesses provide jobs, training and much needed revenue for the communities they serve. The Katy Award Program recognizes and awards these businesses for their hard work and dedication to their communities.

The Katy Award Program establishes certain criteria for local companies. The program requires certain amounts of marketing success in the community and business area. For Steve Skarritt, it is his commitment to being a part of and running a small business that helped him win this award not once, but twice in consecutive years.

“I am deeply honored and humbled by this award. All I try to do is the best my customers and treat them as I would have them treat me. After all, we are all closely knit in this community. I would be out of business rapidly if I did not do what was right,” said Skarritt. "All I try to do is the best for my customers, and treat them as I would have them treat me."

Winners are chosen based on a series of criteria selected by the awards panel. Each category is scrutinized carefully before making a final decision. Often, the decision comes down to one or two minor points.

“Being nominated was special but winning, especially twice in a row, is extra special. I could not have done this without my team, customers and the backing of my family,” said Skarritt.

Previously known as the Houston Award, the name was changed to reflect the values of small towns and small businesses in America.

Additional information about the Katy Award Program is available on the website. Visit for additional details.

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