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Painting from Offers Affordable Oil Painting on Canvass with Free Shipping


Beijing, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/15/2013 -- Painting From offers an ingenious way to give gifts, which is through oil paintings. While paintings are traditionally considered as expensive, this company aims to steer away from the cliché by making paintings from artists affordable.

Oil paintings are traditionally excellent gifts to loved ones since they evoke emotions that cannot be seen in photographs because of artistic strokes and particular shading and colors. At the same time, oil paintings last for a long time and have high decorative value, and can even be passed from generation to generation as long as they are properly taken care of.

Painting From excels in family and individual portraits, but what the company offers is beyond what one would expect from handmade oil painting on canvas. They are offering their services for a very affordable price, which is then unknown in the world of the fine arts, and they even ship the paintings for free.

The company even provides art reproductions for clients who are looking for ways to get a hold of artworks that are way too expensive. By offering fine art printing and cheap canvas prints, the Painting From have made a very intelligent solution for people who prefers to display paintings in their homes and establishments, without the standard high cost of commissioning artists for original art.

Oil painting on canvas will always be part of culture, and the company made the fine art industry a cost-efficient and practical choice for people who have taste for handmade paintings. For people that would like to have family or individual portraits, the traditional setup of posing for hours have been eliminated. For Painting From, painting a subject means having clients send their photos.

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