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PaintingGiant's Custom Oil Paintings with Shipping at US $129.99


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2016 -- Painting Giant oil painting producers, based in China, have come up with their most affordable custom oil painting services. Established in the year 2005 by Mr. Zeng, this art supplier has managed to serve the needs of thousands of art lovers all across the globe. With a vision of spreading the awareness of art and paintings, the company has strived hard to make prices as low as possible. Regardless to mention, they have managed well to meet the needs of customers from different countries.

"It has been our prime goal to make prices low. In our years of experience in this business, we have seen art lovers having to be deprived of good quality paintings due to high prices", says the PR Manager of Painting Giant. With a team of over 1500 artists, they have managed to cater to different customer needs, so that custom oil paintings become a household concept.

This art supplier has managed to keep starting prices as low as US $129.99. But of course, there are customized portraits that are priced as per their sizes.

When PaintingGiant was asked about their services, they clarified that their artists are skilled, not only in custom oil paintings, but also in water colours, acrylic colours on canvas or even sketches. Upon order or request, these art forms too are offered by them. In order to make the paintings more affordable, they have designed a very convenient order placement facility.

Eager customers, who wish to have their personal portraits or even the portraits of their favourite ones, even pets or photos of animals being painted in oil colours on canvas, they can place the order online. With easy instant quote service, one can easily get an idea of the price that he or she has to pay for the painting. But, Painting Giant assures that their prices are very reasonable and affordable, with the additional facility of refund.

With the increasing popularity of custom oil paintings, the initiative of Painting Giant to offer wide range of painting reproduction from masterpieces, as well as portraits of your or your near and dear ones, or even a landscape, family portrait or anything of your desire, is indeed a unique one. Allen Wilson, one of their regular customers says, "I had ordered one portrait last year and was so happy with the outcome that now I always order bulk custom paintings for my gallery and they always deliver on time, with guaranteed and comfortable shipping."

The bulk order discounts are really suitable for those who are looking for custom paintings for galleries, studios or even for commercial décor. This will reduce their prices even further. It is indeed a great opportunity for art lovers to avail high quality custom oil painting reproductions and portrait paintings at an affordable price. However, since the supplier is based in China, they always insist that buyers check the custom taxes that are applicable in their countries, before placing order.

If you wish to go through the services of Painting Giant and order a custom painting, you can visit them at

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Mr. Junfeng Zeng
Maoye Art trading Plaza 518112
Shenzhen, Guangdong
P R China
Contact Number: +16463636808 (USA)