Reviews the Paint Zoom; Positive Findings


Mt. Laurel, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- With the new year just beginning, many thoughts are towards home improvement following the Holiday season. Painting often makes the list of chores that just need doing, but is one of the most time consuming and generally unpleasant things that homeowners need to do to keep up the cosmetic appearance of their homes. Fortunately, new products like the Paint Zoom have been released to expedite this process and make everything a little more bearable, but does the product actually work? The writers at believe it does.

The Paint Zoom receives its power from a compressed air reservoir, which creates a suction to feed paint through the holding tank and into the spraying device. This propels the paint evenly towards the user's intended target and provides cake-free coverage. The device is also known to come with more advanced features that are usually only available on more advanced paint sprayers, such as an adjustable head and volume control settings.

According to the writers at, the sprayer is suitable for multiple surfaces and isn't just limited to spraying one type of surface, as many sprayers are usually limited to just wood or brick. Paint Zoom will reportedly provide coverage for brick, Stucco, concrete, and wood, which makes the device suitable for just about any surface that can be painted.

So, what makes this device the best according to the website? Well, rather than scouring the Internet for typical user testimonials that are usually the products of marketing teams, the writers at went out of their way to find more authentic and genuine user reviews from more impartial resources. The result was the same: this is indeed something that's worth buying and will make paint jobs much easier on those who need to carry them out during the upcoming renovation and clean up season. What's more is that the Paint Zoom will do so effectively and with as little strain as possible on the end user. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved!

About was launched in December, 2013 in aims of becoming the definitive source on everything related to the Paint Zoom. It has succeeded in its task by providing high quality, well-researched material pertaining to the device and actual user reviews that confirm it's a device that works.

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