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Diet Doc Announces the Addition of the Paleo Diet to Their Personalized Diet Plans for Safe and Fast Weight Loss Results

Diet Doc announces the addition of the Paleo Diet to their personalized diet plan.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2014 -- To help patients achieve safer and more successful weight loss, Diet Doc has incorporated the highly effective and widely respected Paleo diet plan into their medical weight loss programs. The Paleo diet derives its name from the Paleolithic era and bases its nutrition plan on the foods that humans consumed 10,000 years ago, long before the integration and popularity of unhealthy, fat-laden, processed and fast foods.

The premise of the popular Paleo diet is that the modern human body cannot adequately digest farmed foods like grains, legumes, dairy, or refined sugars. Therefore, patients who follow Diet Doc’s medical weight loss programs and the Paleo diet lose weight safely and rapidly by consuming a balanced diet that is rich in essential nutrients and incorporates healthy, green leafy vegetables and lean proteins. Diet Doc combines their medical weight loss programs with the most successful mechanisms of the popular Paleo diet to guide patients toward improved health and the best weight loss results possible.

Diet Doc has personalized and modernized fast weight loss by designing diet plans that are based on each client’s individual nutritional, lifestyle and medical needs. This modern approach allows for diet plans to be designed around the patient's individual body functions in order to maximize weight loss. Clinically proven to be highly effective and safe, the integration of the Paleo diet with Diet Doc’s medical weight loss programs further enhance the effectiveness of their already successful diet plan.

Diet Doc’s medically supervised diet allows dieters to consume more calories than average low calorie diets plans, and privately from the patient’s own home. Patients simply contact the company to schedule an initial physician appointment and complete online medical history paperwork that will help the physician better determine how the patient’s body loses weight best, and follow the detailed instructions provided by the company. Diet Doc’s fast weight loss plans are delivered in four easy phases, each with detailed instructions and unlimited clinical and informational support. An in-house expert nurse or physician will contact the patient weekly, keeping a close eye on progress and promoting better results through minor diet modifications.

Available nationwide, Diet Doc offers their comprehensive medical weight loss programs, now including the popular Paleo diet, to patient's nationwide via the national Telehealth system. Now patients, even those whose location makes receiving great healthcare difficult, can consult with expert fast weight loss physicians without leaving the comfort of their own home.

By incorporating the principles of top diets, such as the Paleo Diet, the company is helping their clients naturally and safely achieve extreme and fast weight loss without having to resort to invasive surgeries and crash or fad diets.

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