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Diet Doc's New Master Diet Plans Include the Smart Nutritional Concepts of the Paleo Diet Coupled with Personal Attention, Support and Guidance

Diet Doc’s weight loss programs now include personalized master diet plans that incorporate Paleo Diet principles for safe, effective and fast weight loss


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2015 -- In their continuing effort to provide everyone the opportunity to improve their health and reduce their risk for countless weight-related diseases and conditions, Diet Doc now develops master plans for their patients that incorporate the smart nutritional concepts of the Paleo Diet.

The Paleo Diet is known for its health and weight loss benefits, however, many dieters find their diet plans difficult to follow due to the lack of personal support. Because Diet Doc understands that eliminating carbohydrates and processed foods can be a challenge, the company updated their weight loss programs to include their master diet plans that are customized to be compatible with each patient's personal needs, as well as unlimited access to their team of specially trained fast weight loss experts.

While Paleo dieters can log onto the internet to view recipe suggestions and food lists, Diet Doc takes dieting to a whole new level by really getting to know their patients. A personal online doctor consultation enables the physician to review weight loss goals and assess the entire system to uncover hormonal imbalances or other barriers that may be preventing weight loss. Master plans are then developed that guide each patient smoothly and comfortably on their personal weight loss journey.

Because Diet Doc understands that having a positive support team is crucial for successful weight loss, they redesigned their weight loss programs to include a level of personalization that cannot be duplicated by other diet companies. After the doctor consult, patients work closely with certified nutritionists to develop master diet plans that are easy to follow and easy to stick to that include the healthy principles of the Paleo Diet. Patients find the meal plans interesting because they incorporate a wide assortment of delicious food choices that leave them feeling full and satisfied, while the fast weight loss is motivational. Most dieters report feeling better within days, with reduced overall pain and the noticeable loss of pounds and inches from the most stubborn areas of the body where old fat has found refuge. In fact, a recent in-house survey of over 20,000 actual patients revealed an average loss of 20 pounds or more per month.

And because Diet Doc understands that changing the diet and reducing and eliminating carbohydrates and unhealthy foods can cause a variety of untoward symptoms, including mood swings, cravings, hunger and loss of energy causing many to abandon their weight loss goals, they include their pure, prescription hormone diet treatments, proprietary diet pills and exclusive appetite suppressants that, not only curb side effects, but accelerate the rate at which their clients see fat melting from their body. This powerful combination turns the body into a fat burning machine, signaling the brain to target and attack fat that has become comfortably and dangerously nestled around the internal organs, to be released into the bloodstream and quickly flushed from the system.

Available nationwide, Diet Doc offers their comprehensive master diet plans, now including the popular Paleo diet, to patients throughout the country via the national Telehealth system. Now patients, even those whose location makes receiving great healthcare difficult, can consult with weight loss physicians, as effortlessly as making a telephone call. And, for added convenience patients may choose to have their diet products delivered directly to their home or office for immediate use.

Diet Doc has earned its reputation by focusing on providing medically supervised weight loss for disease prevention and to stave off the growing obesity epidemic, combining the most effective dietary plans with personalized physician attention and prescription treatments. For this reason, thousands are turning to Diet Doc, the country's most reliable and trusted source for safe and fast weight loss.

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