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Diet Doc Introduces New Paleo Diet Recipes Enhanced with Exclusive Weight Loss Supplements and Prescription Hormone Treatments for Fast Weight Loss Results

Diet Doc incorporates Paleo Diet recipes into their medically supervised, natural hormone treatments for safe, natural and extreme weight loss results


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- Many diet plans claim to offer fat loss results without really considering the patient’s personal nutritional and weight control needs. Diet Doc is different. The company does not offer one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter diet plans, but develops each diet plan after a thorough review and assessment of the patient’s age, gender, lifestyle, medical conditions and weight loss goals. Diet Doc’s team of expert fast weight loss professionals work closely with each patient to determine which diet foods, Paleo diet recipes and weight loss supplements are appropriate for the patient’s goals and needs and tailor diet plans around those needs.

Diet Doc has incorporated the principles of the popular Paleo Diet’s unique recipes that are low in carbohydrates to encourage the body to begin burning excess body fat for fuel. The idea behind these Paleo diet recipes is that, while the body is accustomed to burning processed carbohydrates for energy, eliminating those carbohydrates as a source of fuel will encourage the body to seek out a new source for that energy. By turning instead to stored body fat for fuel, patients following Paleo diet recipes will quickly begin losing excess fat.

Patients will spend time with Diet Doc’s certified nutritionists to learn which diet foods are low in fat but still contain all the essential elements and minerals their bodies require to remain active and healthy. Patients will also receive a personalized meal and snack plan that is created around their personal nutritional needs and designed to address their underlying causes of weight gain.

Combining healthy diet foods with Diet Doc’s exclusive weight loss supplements and prescription hormone treatments helps clients increase the speed that they see results and also helps to suppress cravings for unhealthy foods. Each patient will initially consult with a Diet Doc physician to determine which weight loss supplements will best fit their needs and goals. Physicians will recommend and prescribe weight loss supplements that increase the metabolism for greater fat burn, replace electrolytes to eliminate fatigue, block the absorption of carbohydrates to reduce cravings and more. And, because Diet Doc is committed to providing their clients only the highest quality weight loss supplements, all diet products are manufactured in FDA approved, fully licensed, U.S. based pharmacies. Clients will also receive a Certificate of Analysis with each shipment detailing the quality of ingredients, as well as the levels of each active component of their treatments.

Diet Doc is dedicated to the success of each client and offers the services of their weight management experts to answer questions about the best methods and diet foods for losing weight, monitor the patient’s fat loss progress and offer support and encouragement during this important, and often life-changing, journey. This level of personal attention and support is why Diet Doc has become the leading, most respected and most reliable source of medical weight loss in the nation.

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