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Paleo Recipe Book Guarantees Success and Enjoyment on One's Paleo Diet Journey


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2014 -- The much awaited “Paleo Recipe Book" Diet Recipes cook book has finally launched. Paleovalley, the team of food researchers behind 1000 Paleo Diet Recipes, reportedly spent over seven years researching and gathering food recipes from around the globe that are very high on the nutrition quotient, yet very tasty and easy to prepare.

“The problem with paleo diet recipes is they don’t offer diversity in terms of taste and ingredients - even the thought of having to eat the same food everyday could be unnerving for most of us”, said a spokesperson at the launch party.


He also mentioned, “It was a difficult task finding paleo diet recipes that can actually help people lose weight and live healthier lives without having to fight the monotony of eating the same stuff repeatedly. But, our efforts have paid off because every one of those 1000 paleo diet recipes have been tested and endorsed by a team of 23 food bloggers who run reputable food blogs on the internet and all of them think 1000 Paleo Diet Recipes is by far the best publication in the field of paleo diet recipes.”

16 Free Recipe Books Offered:

The creators of 1000 Paleo Diet Recipes hope to be able to sell at least 100 million copies of the much talked about cookbook in the next three months. To encourage more people into following healthy paleo diet recipes and also to celebrate its launch, a bunch of freebies would be offered with the book over the next couple of days. According to the company spokesperson, 1000 Paleo Diet Recipes would come packed with 16 different paleo recipe cook books. Some interesting ones are as follows:

- Paleo breakfast recipes – containing list of paleo breakfast and egg recipes
- Paleo smoothie recipes – containing over 50 paleo smoothie recipes
- Paleo red meat recipes – paleo red meat recipes that won’t cause weight gain
- Paleo pork recipes – extensively researched paleo pork recipes that are healthy, yet tasty
- Paleo chicken recipes – includes paleo chicken recipes from ancient cultures
- Paleo desert recipes – completely fat free paleo desert recipes

One of the food bloggers on the judge panel remarked that the team of researchers behind 1000 Paleo Diet Recipes took a lot of inspiration from the ancient warrior recipes from different cultures across the globe to bring about diversity and allow easy cooking. He mentioned, “Some of the recipes in 1000 Paleo Diet Recipes might sound difficult, but they couldn’t be easier because of the detailed steps mentioned in each recipe”.

1000 Paleo Diet Recipes being available in a versatile digital format would also allow the cook to quickly refer to a recipe on an iPhone or iPad while actually preparing the paelo dish.

For people looking for healthy, yet tasty and diverse Paleo Diet Recipes, the 1000 Paleo Diet Recipes might be a great read.

About the Paleo Recipe Book
“Over 350 easy Paleo recipes divided into 18 food categories. Enough options to cover everything you will ever need to eat the healthiest and tastiest food.”