Paleo Recipe Book Launches to Provide the Best Paleo Recipes


Catterick, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- Achieving the proper weight takes more than dieting, it means a lifelong commitment to eating healthy. However, eating right doesn’t mean being stuck with boring foods and tasteless meals. There is a new system designed to let you enjoy healthy, tasty and downright delicious meals - Paleo Recipe book.

The Paleo Recipe Book is a celebrated set of recipes for healthy eating and living. Featuring over 370 amazing recipes, this is the complete book for healthy living through eating low fat, high energy meals that will help the body burn away the pounds naturally.

These Paleo diet recipes are simple to make and use a wide variety of natural foods. There are no toxic foods that are sugar based or contain high amounts of fats that not only pack on the pounds, they bring down the health and well being also.

Filled with easy to follow cooking charts, guidelines to proper eating and a Paleo diet food list that is simple to understand, this is the complete program for people who want to eat good, nutritious foods every day. Meals are meant to be enjoyed and with 18 separate categories of foods available, there will be plenty of variety to enjoy every day.

Furthermore, the cookbook is downloadable and easy to printout if you want or you can keep it on your computer or mobile device for easy referencing.

Four Special Bonuses

Included with the Paleo Recipe Book is four special bonuses that will expand the healthy food that everyone can enjoy and create an effective eating plan to get maximum results.

- Quick & Simple Paleo Meals
- Paleo Meal Plan
- Paleo Desserts
- Herb & Spice Guide

The Quick & Simple Paleo Meals bonus contains 30 easy to fix recipes for people on the go. The recipes include delicious choices such as flank steak with cherry tomato salad and beef kabobs with BBQ. The Paleo Meal Plan is an 8 week plan that allows participants to jump right into the program. Paleo Desserts let everyone enjoy scrumptious sweets that tickle the taste buds without expanding the waistline. Finally, the Herb & Spice Guide provides a wealth of information about creating flavorful herbs for any kind of meal.

These Paleo diet recipes create tasty meals designed to give the body what it needs without the excesses that cause weight gain and poorer health. Currently being sold for only $27, including the four bonuses, this is a real bargain. For those who are looking at losing the unwanted pounds, improving their health and eating delicious meals, then Paleo recipes is the answer.

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About Paleo Recipe Book
Paleo Recipe Book provides quick and simple recipes for paleo meals, paleo desserts, and paleo meal plans.