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Paleo Weight Loss Blueprint Creator Dr. Phillip Osmond Clark Honored


Geneva, Switerzland -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2014 -- Nutritional Doctor and Consultant Dr. Phillip Osmond Clark, creator of the celebrated Paleo Blueprint Program for Weight Loss has been honored by the International Society of Nutritional Professionals.

In presenting their "MPD" (Most Progressive Doctor) award, society President Dr.Serge Valosky praised Dr. Clark for his "continous efforts to raise public consciousness on the relationship between diet and health."

"There are many others in this field, who, while doing good work, just don't have the drive and determination of Dr. Clark." Dr. Valosky continued.

Responding to the award, Dr. Clark said: "Obviously I'm honored to be recognized by my peers. But I must emphasize that I am not a "one man band." The work I do is the same work done by countless committed nutritionists and nutritional educators worldwide.All of whom deserve an award for the selfless contribution they make every day."

One of the most knowledgeable nutritionists, Dr. Clark began his career by giving a series of free lectures throughout England to raise public awareness on the importance of a healthy, fat free diet.

He was subsequently invited by a Swiss industrialist to develop a Paleo Dietary Regime for the businessman and his employees. Since that time, Dr. Clark has consulted with a wide range of businesses, schools, hospital and orphanages to further his mission of optimum health for all.

"There is absolutely no reason, with all the advantages that we have in our society that anyone should suffer from lack of nutritional knowledge and practice" Dr. Clark commented.

He continued: "In my new book - "Retro Health - Paleo Nutrition Ninjas" - I present safe natural weight loss methods. That are not only effective, but easily accessible regardless of the depth of your wallet."

Dr. Clark donated the $5000 dollar prize which comes with the MPD award to a society which provides nutritionally sound meals to schools and orphanages.

Felicity Partridge
Media Relations Co-Ordinator
Soulmuse Media