Pallas slimming tea

Pallas Green Slimming Tea to Assist in Weightloss

Pallas is a Chinese tea company that produces slimming green for weight loss and other health benefits. The health benefit of green tea is clinically proven.


Wuhang, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2014 -- Health is the greatest wealth and people are compromising with it more and more in this age. The dependence on technology has adversely altered the lifestyle of many and health bears the brunt of it. However, nature has the cure to all diseases and disorders that can affect inhabitants of the Earth. People need to discover the hidden jewels of nature and Beijing Forvin Biotechnology Co. has tried to do that. Pallas slim tea is the product of collaborative work between Beijing Forvin Biotechnology Co. and Zhiyuantang Biomedical Technology Co. As the name of the product suggests, Pallas tea has all essential ingredients that are helpful in weight loss. However, the tea is not mean just for weightloss and has all-round health benefits.

Using Pallas weight loss tea is very simple and easy. Concerned people only have to drink the tea at least twice on a daily basis. It should be consumed half an hour after meals to reduce weight. The regimen does not demand avoiding any kind of food, maintaining routine of long exercises and any other tough liability that may be difficult to adopt and maintain for city dwellers today. Two cups of Pallas tea is all that it takes to reduce fat and become slim. The effective of the tea has been clinically proven in one of the most extensive clinical research ever carried out. All the 1,436 volunteers who participated in the research were found to have reduced their weight on average by more than 13 kilograms after 6 months of continuous use. Incredibly, none of them had to alter their workout pattern, diet and lifestyle.

Pallas slimming tea is totally organic and free of sodium, sugar and calories. On top of it, the tea tastes good and not like anything medicated. With clinically proven results as evidence, the producers of the green tea guarantee satisfactory results and support it with refund offer. Users of the tea can contact the retailers for full money refund, if they do not lose weight even after continuous use of Pallas tea for 45 days as recommended.

One of the main ingredients of Pallas tea is tea polyphenol, which promotes faster metabolism of fat and has anti-aging and anti-cancer properties. Inclusion of lotus leaves in the constituents of the tea relaxes bowel, burns fat and relieves inflammation. Other additional ingredients that improve digestion, relive inflammation and burn excess fat faster are Lily, Semen Raphani and Malt. Routine use of Pallas slim tea can reduce risk of cardiac strokes, chances of diabetes and cholesterol. It dilates blood vessels, prevents fatty livel, reduces stress and is beneficial to brain. It improves cognitive stability in aged users.

About Pallas weight loss tea
Pallas slimming tea is the product of Beijing Forvin Biotechnology and Zhiyuantang Biomedical Technology. It is 100% organic but tasty. It is produced with blend of several beneficial ingredients to provide assured weightloss effect and all-round health benefits.


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