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The Rack'nStack Warehouse Now Enables Clients to Enjoy the Utility of Cantilever Racking in Brisbane

The Rack’nStack Warehouse, an expert in all types of warehousing solutions and helping all types of complex storage requirement.


Earlville, Queensland -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- The Rack’nStack Warehouse, an expert in all types of warehousing solutions and helping all types of complex storage requirement, now provides immaculate Cantilever Racking in Brisbane. A cantilever storage rack from the house of Rack’nStack Warehouse, has been in the news for its ideal storing space even for non-uniform size and for items that are easily susceptible to damage, and items or materials that tend to be large in length including furniture, lumber plywood, extrusions, pipe & tubing.

While discussing the usefulness of Cantilever Racking, one of the spokespersons in the Rack’nStack Warehouse stated, “The advantage to cantilever racking is that it gives you clear frontal access to the storage levels allowing you to store material of greatly varied sizes. Unlike conventional racks, cantilevered arms have no vertical obstructions in the storage area. That lets make full use of space from side to side on each level. This rack allows items to store items or materials of varying lengths without interference or modification to the rack.”

The company is also known to serve their clients with their quality Pallet Racking in Brisbane. Pallet Racking is ideal where flexibility, access and speed of operation are the main objectives of the system. Selective Pallet Racking can also be easily adjusted or relocated at any time. Irrespective of how big or small storage requirement, their in-house installation service provides trustworthy and cost-effective solutions to fit every storage.

About The Rack’nStack Warehouse
The Rack’nStack Warehouse offers the most innovative solutions for pallet racking, workbenches, long span shelving, storage solutions, material handling and much more. With their service, one can be sure of making the most of every inch of available storage space, whether it’s a warehouse, stockroom, office, shop or garage. Their quick and efficient service men minimal disruption to the day to day operations. From their sales manager through to their warehouse manager, their process from initial inquiry through to installation is kept in-house and which enables them to deliver reliable service and face to face contact every step of the way.

To know more about Pallet Racking in Brisbane, visit http://www.racknstackwarehouse.com.au

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