Pamphlet Released: Why Clients Should Let Take Care of Their Local Gift Delivery


Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 -- Some clients need some convincing when it comes to trusting an online gift shop. Some people will need a list of reasons before they can take out their wallets and buy with their credit card online just because they have probably been fooled by another online gift shop or they are just way too apprehensive to trust some people online. After all, with so many online shops that are reported as scam, it is now getting harder and harder to trust online shops. But even if this is the case, people can still trust some online shops especially if they have ample experience and proof of delivery. For example, is handled by a company that has been in the local gift delivery industry for years. While some may find it quite hard to trust them, there are multiple reasons on why they should be trusted.

This is why Gifts2Manila had decided to release a pamphlet that highlights the main reasons on why clients should trust them. Here are the reasons that they have included in their pamphlet entitled “Why You Should Let Handle all Your Local Gift Delivery Needs”.

They Have 5 Years of Experience under Their Belt

On top of their list is their experience. After all, they cannot expect anyone to trust them if they don’t have ample experience to back up their services. Experience is a much needed factor as it tells people if a certain company is already an expert in what it is doing. In fact, experience is a clear indicator of what a certain company can offer. Fortunately, Gifts2Manila does not lack in that area as it has a solid 5-year experience under its belt. In these 5 years, it is able to make as much as a hundred thousand customers from all over the world to trust them as they send different types of gift items to their loved ones in the Philippines.

Orders are Processed Faster Online

Another aspect that Gifts2Manila likes to focus on is the seamlessness of their process. After all, ordering online has its benefits. Aside from the fact that a person does not need to leave his or her house to be able to buy something online, it seems like the payments are also processed faster. That’s because all payment data are processed virtually. This means that credit card information is passes along and confirmed electronically. Of course, this needs a 3rd party but trusted payment processing system in order to work and this is what Gifts2Manila has.

Gifts are More Secured and Delivered on the Same Day

Last but not the least; Gifts2Manila wants to highlight the perks of their delivery. Aside from the fact that they deliver items on the same day, they also deliver items securely with their own motorcycle boxes. Each delivery is carefully handled by a knowledgeable delivery man who is not only an expert around the Metro Manila area but also trained in caring for fragile gift items. Because of this, clients can be sure that the gifts reach their recipients on time and in top shape.

With this pamphlet, Gifts2Manila wishes to encourage all of those people who are still afraid of online gift shops to start to move beyond their fears and finally see the benefits of ordering online. After all, this is a service that is meant to bridge the gap between people in the Philippines and people in other countries. If the goal is only to reach out, then there are only advantages. The only problem is that some people need to see that the benefit is more important than the fear. This is what the pamphlet hopes to accomplish.