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Pan: Powerful Compilation of Short Stories Offers Eclectic Glimpse at Circle of Life


Englewood, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- It’s easy to agree that life is an evolving journey with many destinations along the way. The collection of four short stories written by David McThomas perfectly captures the stark contrast and possible directions that anyone’s life could take and give us a wider insight into the circle of life.


A Ball Rolling- A diminutive, sensitive, frail, but gifted, obsessive compulsive travels to Central Florida to help Oscar and Mabel Calhoun find their missing son. Along the way he shares his family history, a few anecdotes, and some insights on how he thinks and copes that have shaped him in accepting the life he no longer runs away from. Conspicuous by the lack of having a normal height and challenged by his abilities, his emotions, and failings, he barely functions as a normal human being, and somehow, endures.

Determination- Jeremiah Brandenson is going about handling the affairs of his brother’s death when he comes to the realization that his own life is void of meaning and joy. While the memory of his brother and the circumstances of his death haunt him, Jeremiah enters a pathway to find true love that actually deceives his ability for growth. The path of not seizing each and every day and the excuses he uses to reason his way through life takes a toll on him. He wastes years in waiting for something to happen. Jeremiah’s inability to exhibit wisdom equal to his age and experience, over time, catches up with him, and he is left with what he may do to be rescued and what he may do to escape.

Rocket- a macaw with a rich history touches the lives of his owners and charms his way into their hearts. Having a knack for brushes with celebrity and becoming somewhat famous himself, he quietly lives his life, rocking and squawking, in his own anonymity. With a lifespan of over ninety years, Rocket provides luck for his owners as they go about their lives, thinking they are taking care of him.

Without Its Finish, Before I Slept- a young man’s love letter written over three decades ago examines a year or more of wasted youth and its grasps for maturity over immaturity. Each failure he experiences brings him closer to another attempt at choosing to fight irresponsibility by facing responsibility itself. The letter helps a young man transform his ideas about the challenges of life, wrestle with the acceptance of lost love, and to take life and its mistakes seriously.

Each of the stories takes a cue from the writer’s own life and exposes the raw intimacy and clarity that all authors strive to convey.

“While fictional, each was initially inspired by someone I met or something I did or experienced,” says McThomas.

“For example, the final story is actually taken from an old love letter that I dusted off, rewrote and revised into a story about the sudden transformation to being an adult.” A recent review conveyed McThomas’ abilities, “Each story is well-constructed and entertaining, and left me wanting more.”

Pan, the main character in ‘A Ball Rolling’ is proving particularly popular among readers. One reader remarked that Pan’s exploits could be developed into a series of books.

With the compilation book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy as soon as possible.

‘Pan’, published through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and other distributors, is available now at:http://www.amazon.com/author/davidmcthomas

About David W. McThomas
David W. McThomas was born in Hollis, Queens, New York on 30 September 1952. He is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University and possesses a Masters Degree from Springfield College. David has held various positions in his life, including working in Manhattan as a Division Manager, as Executive Director for a professional membership organization, as a small business owner, a writer, a salesman, and a laborer. He has lived in 7 states and has visited over 30 countries. He prefers the sun and salt of SW Florida.