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Panama Relocation Tours Offers 17 Tips for Renting in Panama


Panama -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2015 -- Panama Relocation Tours is a company that has been established to educated people about the Panamanian way of life and to provide people all the necessary information they require enabling a smooth relocation, including those who wish to retire in Panama. The people behind the company who organize the tours believe that Panama has much to offer to the people who are contemplating about relocating to another country. For starters Panama has great weather and a stable economy. For those who have decided to move to Panama, Panama Relocation Tours offers 17 tips for renting in country.

A company was established by a lady who relocated to Panama with her husband and then started arranging relocation tours for other people, Jackie Lange owner of Panama Relocation Tours has much insight to share on the subject of renting in Panama, some of which has been compiled in a recent blog post published on the company's website. The need for such a piece was necessary because according to Jackie, renting a house or apartment in Panama is not like renting a property in North America or Europe. Online real estate listings and going to the realtor's office are not the best approaches for finding a good rental property. The blog post suggests driving around looking for Se Aquile (For Rent) signs posted in front of the property.

The 17 tips shared talks about the different amenities and necessities people should be looking out for when considering a property to rent in Panama. An important suggestion the post makes is that people should not decide of a property without looking at it personally.

The tip number 4 states: "The photo of the property may look great. But it may not show the neighbor who has 12 roosters who make noise all day long or the 4 barking dogs or the teenagers who have their boom box blaring all weekend. Before you decide to rent, you should visit the neighborhood at various times of the day and on the weekend so you can determine what the noise and traffic level is like."

As mentioned earlier, due to the fact that things in Panama are much different to what people are generally used to in North America and Europe. There are many different factors that must be taken into account when renting a property including some properties having metal roofs, water heating facility or high speed internet or cable TV availability. Jackie outlines all the important things people should be looking out for in a property when renting in Panama. Tip number 17 specifies that December through March is high season. It is harder to find a rental property during those months because there are fewer inventories.

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