Panda Penguin SEO Announces That One Can Now Buy Advanced Search Engine Optimization Plans

Panda Penguin SEO Services have rescued many online businesses from oblivion since its launch in the early summer of 2012. Welcomed by many they recently announced, that one can now buy advanced search engine optimization plans (ASEOP) for webmasters and the general public, offering an affordable service that has proven itself as a leader in the industry.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- They are unlike other generic SEO companies that you find in the online market. Many who make bold promises but did little in the way of actually delivering service, especially after the Google Panda/Penguin update. That's why has decided to offer advanced search engine optimization plans.

Untold are the many businesses’ ranking in Google serps that took a nose dive when with the release of Goggle's Penguin update in April 2012. Unlike earlier updates, this latest one proved tricky for many SEO companies who could not find a way to remedy this new release. Many webmasters wasted thousands of dollars paying incompetent companies in hopes that they would rescue their websites. The importance of this is because ranking well in search engines (SE) is a sure ways to get curious prospects to visit your website and see your products and services. It is almost a guarantee that being on top of the major SE brings business.

The landscape changed however, when was launched. Imel Seda answered the challenge by bringing together a small group of active and retired professionals and was successful in developing a strategy that would work. “Goggle sets the rules, and it’s our job to work with them and utilize the tools and expertise that our team brings to the table.” This company provides highly “advanced search engine optimization plans” and professional social media services giving hope to many businesses that had been affected by the updates. The company is based in Orlando, Florida. Priding themselves on being the first company offering both SEO services and (SMO) social media optimization services with a selling point that is affordable yet effective. As a result they have been able to attract hundreds of clients in US and Europe in the short time they have been in the market, with 95% of them being retained.

When asked about the secret of their quick success, Imel Seda the Panda Penguin SEO services CEO said, “At Panda Penguin we don't create hype or mislead our clients to spend more than what is required. We value our customer's business as our business, which has consequentially made us one of the most successful search engine optimization and social media companies in U.S.A in such a short term."

This company not only serves hundreds of webmasters but more than 35 SEO companies outsource their jobs to them. Their result oriented professional services currently serve major corporations and companies nationwide. Their clients include Law firms, Real Estate companies, Internet Marketers and the many SEO companies who outsource to them.

John Puebla, co-founder of Panda Penguin however explains that they are able to serve small, medium and large webmasters, “It’s been incredible what we’ve accomplished for our clients in such a short time. Our advanced search engine optimization plans and the team that Imel has pulled together is among the best in the country and there is no challenge they won’t accept.”

The President and CEO ads, “I handpicked these guys out from the best in the industry. Not only their skill but their drive to excellence is the secret of their quick success and customer retention. The future certainly looks bright for this SEO Company.”

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In the summer of 2012, Panda Penguin SEO began offering search engine and social media optimization services and tactics that have positively worked for their hundreds of satisfied clients. The firm promotes local and national businesses in a way to bring companies to the top of Google providing 100% white-hat techniques that work. While many companies and businesses are questioning search engine optimization as a viable element in the marketing mix, customers of Panda Penguin SEO are seeing tremendous results. To learn more about this firm and how to get a fair business advanced search engine optimization plan, contact Panda Penguin SEO today at 1-888-409-4930 or visit

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