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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2012 -- Outdoor billboard space is one of the most effective forms of advertising. It is arresting, interruptive and practically unavoidable. TiVo and similar services let people skip past TV advertising entirely, and print media consumption has been steadily decreasing for years. But no matter how many pieces of new technology arrive, people will still have to leave their house, they will still have to drive places, and they will still see billboard advertising.

One website making waves in this area is, a website connecting billboard owners to advertisers who want to rent space, and vice versa. In the last year they have gained a lot of attention by creating an easier, free of charge way for advertisers to find space, and billboard owners to find advertisers. It is now the largest database of billboards in the US.

Advertisers can search through the huge database of billboards for rent using a variety of different criteria, such as location, price, target audience and traffic. There is also a facility to obtain a quote using a form, directly on the website.

As well as giving advertisers the ability to tightly focus their campaigns and get lower prices the site also appeals to billboard vendors. Vendors have the ability to add their inventory free of charge enabling them to market to a huge audience of advertisers instantly.

The website also contains a blog, with useful editorial content about outdoor advertising. Industry news, particularly creative use of billboards, and hints and tips about advertising are all covered with lucid and entertaining articles.

In addition to the blog, the site also hosts a discussion forum, where site visitors can seek advice about their advertising strategy, introduce themselves to the community, and give feedback about the site.

A spokesperson for the site said:

“Before, outdoor advertising was almost the sole preserve of large advertisers who could afford to buy huge blocks of outdoor media space through expensive media agencies. By lowering the barrier of entry to outdoor advertising, we can broker a better deal for both the advertiser and the billboard owner. We offer all the same metrics as media agencies for advertisers to determine which billboard is best for them, such as audience demographics and live traffic feeds. It is completely free for advertisers to use the site, and it is also free for billboard owners to add themselves to our database, allowing billboard owners to increase sales without spending anything extra on marketing.”

About is a website serving as an outdoor advertising marketplace, connecting billboard owners with advertisers who wish to rent ad space. The proprietary system allows advertisers to search by a number of criteria including location, price and demographics.

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