Pangeanic Publishes Client Section Replete with Portfolio, Use Cases and Testimonials

Pangeanic is going from strength to strength in their professional translation services, and has now added a client section to their website promoting the work they have completed and its reception.


Valencia, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2015 -- Pangea is the name for the supercontinent that once existed before the landmass broke up and spread across the earth. The notion that we all come from the same place, that we are all connected, is difficult to imagine now we have such distinct languages and cultures. Pangeanic is a company aiming to bridge those gaps and remove those distinctions through accurate professional translation services, and has just added examples of how they have already done so to their website, in order to encourage new clients.

The new client section includes an impressive list of former and current clients, including Sony, Panasonic, Rolls Royce and Nikon. As well as this potent list of global brands, the company has also included case studies of services provided, including technical and medical translations, together with testimonials from commissioning clients. This enables them to provide a quick but effective introduction to whom they serve, what they provide, and how well they deliver.

In addition, they have a regularly updated blog covering their own insights and pro-tips, a news section identifying important news from their business as well as the broader industry. They also have a knowledge center designed to help people understand the need for translation services, and how to determine the best approach for their needs.

A spokesperson for Pangeanic explained, "As well as offering a full explanation and examples of our work, we also offer a free initial consultation in order to assess the needs of potential clients and furnish them with a free, no obligation quote on the services we can provide. This allows individuals to complete a full journey from first enquiry to successful partnership with ultimate peace of mind, which is how we like to start our associations with companies, so they know what to expect from us as we move forward together."

About Pangeanic
Pangeanic is the professional translation agency trusted to translate websites, technical and medical translations. Providing quality translations at competitive prices since 1997, their team of expert translators offer Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Chinese translation services, Japanese translation services and more in more than one hundred language combinations. The company has worked with some of the world's biggest tech and engineering firms.

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