Panic Attack Treatment 101 Getting the Attention of the Medical Community


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for reputable resources for panic attack treatments, Panic Attack Treatment 101 is announcing the release of their new website that helps users eliminate all the symptoms of panic attacks.

According to a recent study by Psychology Magazine, the amount of people that suffer from stress related disorders is at an all time high. This is especially true for panic attacks, which have increased 5% over the last 8 years. The causes of panic attacks can be relegated to a few simple stimuli such as the inability of sufferers to effectively deal with stress, improper diet, low self esteem, and increased demands on a persons’ time and personal resources.

Ironically, as society continues to develop those things that are intended to make people’s lives easier actually cause more stress. People are under more pressure than ever and the results have had a staggering affect on the way people live their lives.

Panic Attack treatment 101 was created to meet this recent epidemic with straight forward, non-invasive techniques that help panic attack sufferers cure their condition quickly and easily.

Offering a wide array of resources, the website is being hailed as one of the most effective panic attack treatment websites on the internet. It provides advice on such things as panic attack symptoms, proper diet, panic attacks while sleeping, caffeine induced panic attacks, natural treatments for panic attacks, and even panic attacks while driving.

The website also offers a critically acclaimed book that gives a step by step system for relieving the causes of panic attacks quickly and permanently. The book is called “Panic Away,” and past users are saying that it is one of the most effective panic attack treatment books on the market.

According to current users of the website such as Daniel Jacobs, panic attack treatment 101 provides users with all the free resources they could ever need to cure their panic attacks once and for all: “I use this site almost weekly to monitor my panic attacks. Just months ago I was near agoraphobic- I couldn’t leave my house without experiencing extreme anxiety, and anytime I got into the car I would feel the attack clawing at the surface. This website has really helped me to cure my panic attacks naturally. It gives invaluable resources and it offers avenues for further study not available on other panic attack websites. I would strongly suggest this site to anyone who is looking for an effective panic attack treatment.”

This sentiment seems to be shared throughout the entire medical community. As more and more people are searching for effective panic attack treatments the website comes as a welcome relief. It gives suffers the hope that their panic attacks can be cured naturally, simply, and most importantly, once and for all. To learn more about panic attack treatment 101, please visit: