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Panic Attacks Can Be Eliminated Naturally, Thanks to Help from New Book by Rob Lucien Whittle


Queensland, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- Rob Lucien Whittle, an Australian-based author, entrepreneur and business executive, has just released a book called “Succeed Over Fear—Panic Attacks.” In his book, Whittle explains the natural remedy he has used for over 35 years to stop panic attacks and overcome anxiety which is based around physical exercise combined with CBT, relaxation techniques and the secret of control.

From his own experience with panic and anxiety attacks, Whittle discovered over 35 years ago that exercise was the key factor when combined with the secret he uses in helping him eliminate these issues. His newly-released book details how he uses exercise, and more importantly the lactic acid that is created during exercise, to build up to a point where the sufferer can control the panic like a light switch.

In the early part of November 2012, Whittle plans on releasing a series of training videos that will help walk sufferers through a 21-day course devoted to stopping panic attacks. He also has an official website, SucceedoverFear.com, which offers visitors more information about the book, samples from the various chapters, and links to purchase the book and training DVD’s.

“Panic attacks and general anxiety can be some of the most overpowering and negative forces in a person’s life,” Whittle wrote in the first chapter of his book, adding that there is both hope and a life on the other side and that his book will show readers how to find it.

“Panic attacks and general anxiety can be beaten with a concerted attack on all fronts. By all fronts, I mean both the mind and the body as they both work in tandem to produce panic attacks.”

While Whittle does not have a medical background, he does have a lot of experience with anxiety and panic attacks as he was crippled with them as a teenager and designed the core of the system he uses today nearly 35 years ago. That system was so successful that when revealed to one of Australia’s leading psychiatrists who was treating his mother, the doctor responded that it was almost a text book system on one of the most powerful techniques to treat anxiety and panic, but with so many extras thrown in.

Whittle is familiar with the drugs that many doctors recommend to their patients who suffer from panic attacks, and he knows what is on the market and what is spruiked by people in the medical profession.

What Whittle’s new book offers, he noted, is a method that combines bits and pieces from all of the other methods used to eliminate panic attacks; which is then taken much further and provides readers with invaluable insight into a program that he contends can help people control their panic attacks within a few minutes.

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SucceedoverFear.com is the website for the author Rob Lucien Whittle. His first book outlines a different approach to panic attacks and how to overcome them using exercise. This method the author has used effectively for over 35 years and now shares his secret program to all sufferers of anxiety and panic disorder. For more information, please visit http://www.succeedoverfear.com