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Panic Away Program Designed to Heal the Body Naturally

New Anxiety Treatment Program Helps Sufferers of Panic Attacks


Beaverton, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- With the advent of bullying, the affects of which are felt long into the rise of adulthood, brings with it many associative disorders, such as panic attacks and anxiety according to the National Institute for Mental Health. Some can be so strong; the symptoms mimic a heart attack. The DSM-IV describes a panic attack as a discrete period of intense fear or discomfort that is of sudden onset. For those who suffer from panic attacks, nothing can be more debilitating and take time from them. Sufferers will do anything to make them stop. And now, long-time sufferer Barry McDonagh has found a real solution to end anxiety for good. His incredible 2 year journey of self discovery eventually led to a technique called Panic Away that would not only change his life but would go on to change the life of thousands of other people as well.

The program technique successfully allowed Barry to overcome his attacks and he developed into what became know as the 21-7 Technique™ and is now called Panic Away. And now the program is available online for a mere $67.95 using any credit card or Paypal.

Panic Away is a useful, innovative and insightful technique to take charge and eliminate panic,” says Dr. Dahila Keen. “Its clever and empowering short handed phrases enable a person to detach from their anxiety and challenge it full force. Indeed this can be the “First-Aid” kit for anxiety. I would definitely recommend it to my patients.”

Panic Away even offers a children's version of the program that parents can use to work with their kids who suffer panic disorders and anxiety through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy exercises. Important because the British Journal of Psychiatry in December 2013 reports: “Childhood anxiety disorders are common, affecting 5-10% of children.”

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