Panic Away: The Ultimate Program That Has Helped over 40,000 Sufferers End Panic Attacks and General Anxiety

Barry McDonagh – also known as Joe Barry - is the creator of the Panic Away Program that has helped so many people who suffered from panic and anxiety attacks, just like he once did


Lymington, Tasmania -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- Since it's inception just a few years ago the Panic Away program is said to have helped over 40,000 sufferers to gain control of their minds and emotions so that panic attacks no longer bother them. These were ordinary people who were fed up with suffering from panic attacks and decided to do something about it. People who were determined to get their lives back no matter what. They were so successful that this program has now been reviewed by many specialists.

The Panic Away Review by the Smithfield Review Center reveals that its success lies with the different approach to panic attacks from many other treatments that use drugs to control your reactions; drugs that often have unwelcome side effects that actually still prevent you from living normally. The biggest difference is in acknowledging the fact that it is the fear of having another attack that exacerbates the problem and can often lead to a person feeling higher levels of anxiety than the original cause of the panic. Once this aspect of the problem is dealt with, it is often found that the original anxiety is not nearly as bad as you first thought. This program contains an eBook, audio and video tapes, a hard copy book option, access to a forum for help, advice and encouragement and the latest studies and research findings. In addition the techniques found within the pages are easy to understand and implement and usually succeed far beyond the sufferer’s expectations. The Panic Away Program will give you insights into your emotions and the workings of your body that will enhance your understanding of what happens during a panic attack. It also gives you easy techniques to control your body’s response so that you remain in control of your reactions instead of being at their mercy. Part of this is called the 21/7 technique, referring to a countdown of 21 seconds before implementing 7 easy steps to control.

Dr. Viktor Frankl and Dr. Clarie Weekes are two doctors who have done extensive work on controlling panic attacks in the same way that is discussed in the Panic Away Program. They state: “Many anxiety attacks are made worse by the sufferer dreading and fearing the attack. This over sensitive nervous system then creates a fight or flight response as soon as any symptoms appear and the end result is that the person loses control both physically and emotionally. But once the nervous system is de-sensitized the reaction can be reduced and controlled quite easily. You will learn about human psychology and use what you learn to become panic free and get your life back.”

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