Shares Successful Treatments for Panic Attacks and Anxiety, Offers Pregnancy Advice


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- The recently launched website has shared numerous tips and techniques on how to successfully treat panic attacks and anxiety, along with certain articles offering advice to women who are pregnant or are planning to have a child. Despite the availability of similar content on the internet, the website provides a first person perspective and only shares treatments that have worked, which has been the major reason behind its recent popularity.

The author of the articles was victim of panic attacks and anxiety herself, which started when she lost her child to cancer at an early age of 7. The trauma of the loss was unbearable to her and eventually led to frequent panic attacks and long anxiety periods. After trying various treatments the symptoms still did not disappear, this eventually turned helplessness into frustration. Seeking medical treatments and constantly visiting psychiatrists was somewhat helpful to her but did not offer a complete cure.

To help others like her live a much happier life, she has now shared many treatments and techniques which personally were very effective. From specific diet plans, exercise routines, natural supplements and remedies, meditation techniques and many other treatments that can cure panic and anxiety attack completely have now been published on the site. One particular advice by her is that no treatment can immediately offer a permanent solution and it takes consistent effort to finally get rid of panic attacks and anxiety. She further informed that selecting the right treatment is important as well, and her shared tips can help others find effective means of finally being both physically and mentally healthy.

Apart from educating the general public on panic attacks, anxiety and depression, the author also gives advice to pregnant women or women who are planning their pregnancy. Anxiety and panic disorders has been associated with women who are pregnant either naturally or through alternate method of IVF. To help make the process of pregnancy much smoother and enjoyable as it is meant to be since it is a spectacular experience of giving birth to new life, various articles, tips and daily routines have now been shared on the site.

About is one of the leading websites that provides numerous articles, tips and techniques on how to treat panic attacks and anxiety. The articles on the site offer a firsthand perspective as they were written by a victim of panic attacks, anxiety and long term depression which originated from the early death of the writer’s daughter. Through the online platform,, the various articles and useful tips on how to cope with panic attacks and anxiety can be viewed. The site also offers guidance to women who are facing anxiety while being pregnant either naturally or through IVF process.

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