Offers Essential Information on HIV Online provides essential information regarding HIV so that one can enhance their knowledge and remain away from the HIV infection. The information regarding HIV facts, symptoms, signs, medication, treatment and much more can be grabbed online on the website.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- The website provides information to the general audience regarding the various health issues and the solutions attached to it. The website affirms general facts regarding HIV that one must know in order to remain protected from this fatal virus. Some of the vital information includes a virus attacking the immune system of the person, virus transmitted through sex, blood transfusions, sharing of affected needles and from mother to the child. One can enhance their knowledge regarding the symptoms associated with this critical health issue. The various early symptoms involve sudden loss of weight and appetite, recurrent diarrhea, problem of disorientation, dementia and confusion, muscle weakness or feeling of fatigability, fever, night sweats and chills.

As per the website, one can grab information regarding the acute symptoms of HIV. These symptoms include decrease in appetite level since 2 to 4 weeks, skin rashes lasting for 4 to 6 weeks, low-grade fever, sore throat along with swelling of glands and severe headaches. Men suffering from this health issue are impaired of cognitive and motor skills as well as develop fungal infections in their male genitals and nails. On the other hand, women have to bear infections in their mammary glands and female genitals.

The website demonstrates that one must begin the treatment as soon as the early HIV signs are suspected in a person. The signs are low grade fever, depressed immune system, rashes on the skin, pain in joints, swelling of the glands and increased pulse rate, respiration rate and blood pressure. The signs that can be seen in women affected by this include problems with mental abilities, emotional instability, failure in understanding and recognizing simple directions and loss of memory gradually. In men, the signs involve sore throats, white spots on tongue and oral cavities and discharges of blood from the sexual organs.

According to the website, the treatment for curing HIV health issue in both men and women includes providing anti-retroviral drug therapy, taking precautions so that complications and infections can well be prevented. An effective support system works well in curing patients suffering from this issue as emotional and psychological support is what one needs the most. Some of the common medications that work well are Protease Inhibitors, Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors and Non-nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors. One can grab more info by clicking the web link .

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