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Papain Market Sees a Steady Growth Ahead

Papain Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 – 2025


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/23/2017 -- Papain is also known as papaya proteinase-I which is an enzyme present in papaya. Papain is an important digestive enzyme which breakdown tough protein fibers. Papain is very stable also at very elevated temperatures. Papain latex is a rich source of cysteine endopeptidases including chymopapain, caricain and glycyl endopeptidase. Papain is traditionally used as a meat tenderizer and also used in skin burns, skin ulcers, wounds etc. Some of the common uses of papain are it boosts digestion, treats skin and wound, resistant to fungus, supports immune system and source of antioxidant etc. As papain is source of antioxidant, it is commonly used in food preservation to reduce bacterial infestations and spoilage of food due to oxidation.

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Market Segmentation: Papain

The Papain market is segmented on the basis of its applications in different industries like food industry, cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry etc. Papain is used for food industry for food processing, as a preservative and as an antioxidant to keep the food safe for longer duration. In pharmaceutical industry, papain is used for preparation of vaccine for treatment of hard skin and related skin problems. In cosmetic industry, papain is used to breakdown surface dead skin cells i.e. it is used as an exfoliating agent for the skin.

The papain market is segmented on the basis of its use in preparation of different product types such as bread making, cheese production, alcoholic beverage production and non-alcoholic beverage production (tea and coffee) etc. In bread making, papain produce sugars for the yeast action which further provides carbon dioxide to aerate bread. In cheese production, papain helps in forming the curd. In tea and coffee production papain provides desirable color and flavor to the infusions.

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The papain market is segmented on the basis of distribution channel as retail shops, supermarket/ hypermarket and online shops etc. Papain is gaining demand in consumers due to its health benefit applications. Online stores are looking forward for sale of papain as a result of high demand of papain in consumers.

Global Papain Market: Regional Outlook

Depending on geographic regions global Papain market is segmented into five key regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, APAC and ME

Currently East Africa is world's largest supplier of papain and Latin America is a major consumer of papain due to its application in digestive support in meat eating. India, China, the U.S. and Malaysia are competing in global market for papain production.

Global Papain Market: Drivers

Increasing the demand for papain from various industries is increasing which is driving the papain market. Increasing health awareness in consumers is leading them towards organic and natural products having health benefits, papain as a natural products is gaining interest in health conscious consumers. Cosmetic industries and food industries are growing globally and leaning towards natural and organic products which is one of the driver for papain market. Trend of flavored tea and coffee is increasing in different occasions which is one of the factor for increasing demand for papain globally.

Global Papain: Key Players

Some of the key players identified across the value chain of the global papain market include Senthil Papain and Food Products (P) Ltd, Fruzyme Biotech India Private Limited, S.I. Chemical Industries, Aumgene Biosciences, Nanning Doing-Higher Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., Enzybel – BSC, Mewar Jaya Sdn. Bhd., Biocon etc. are amongst.