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Strategies Major Players Are Adopting in Paprika Extract Market

Paprika Extract Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 – 2027


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2017 -- Paprika extract is a spice which is in powdered form and is used as a spice in preparing many foods and also in food coloring which is red or orange. Paprika extract is also known as paprika oleoresin, Capsanthin, Capsicum annuum. Paprika oleoresin is an oil which is made from paprika powder. As paprika is extracted from capsicum it is also named as Capsicum annuum. Capsicum is mostly used in vegetables, food coloring and spices. The most important ingredient which is used to make paprika extract is Capsicum annuum. The type Capsicum is originated from Central and Southern America and it consists of different types of chili peppers. This chili peppers includes all the peppers which includes mildest bell pepper and hottest habanero. Paprika extracts are broadly used in food industry where they use it in natural flavoring of foods and also as coloring agent for variety of foods such as spicy food, meat products, cheese coatings, popcorn oil etc. Also, it is used parched or fresh in variety of medicine preparations. It is broadly used in poultry food to extend the color of egg yolks and also it is used in cheese slices and meat pie. Naturally paprika is used for health related issues like dry eyes problem as it contains high concentration of vitamin A, which is a best thing to prevent dry eye symptoms and this can be done by using paprika in food. Paprika powder and paprika extract are used as coloring agent in food industry as well as it is used for coloring in bath and beauty products.

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Paprika Extract Segmentation

Paprika Extract market is segmented by its type of product and end use. Based on application Paprika Extract is segmented into food & beverage industry which uses paprika extract as natural flavoring & coloring agent, pharmaceutical industry and Cosmetics industry uses paprika extract in coloring bath soaps and beauty products.

Based on end use it is segmented into

Food and beverage industry
Cosmetics industry
Healthcare industry
Paprika Extract Process

Processing of Capsicum into paprika extract involves some operations where heating is done to transform the raw material or the seeds of capsicum into powdered form or oil.

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Paprika End User

Paprika is most widely used in Food industry where it is used in variety of food products as natural flavoring, food coloring in Spices, snacks, meat products and cheese products. Paprika is also used in beauty products and personal care products like shampoos, soaps and lipsticks. Apart from this it is used in pharmaceutical industry for the preparation of medicines.

Paprika Extract Drivers

Increased demand in global market, increased population, disposable income, growing health awareness of the consumers are the market drivers of paprika extract. Paprika is used in food coloring and natural flavoring as a result of which there is rising demand of paprika in food industry. Paprika is also used in coloring of bath and cosmetic products. Paprika extracts are being consumed indirectly through the use of different medicinal ointments which contain capsaicin as a critical ingredient which include Zostrix and Capzasin HP which are sold in pharmacies as painkiller cream for Arthritis so it is in demand in healthcare industry also.

Regional Overview

The international flavors and spices in food market was expected to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period. APEJ will have a rapid growth in natural color and spice market, followed by Latin America and Western Europe.

Paprika Extract Market Players

Few of the market players for paprika extract consists of

Synthite Industries, Ozone Naturals, Kancor Ingredients Limited, Hebei Dongzhixing Biotech Co.,Ltd, Paprika Oleo's India Limited, FLAVEX, Aromka Brno s.r.o, Plantlipids (P) Ltd, Ungerer & Company and UNIVERSAL OLEORESINS.