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ParaDon Books Publishing Is Making Great Promises to Authors


Great Falls, MT -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2015 -- ParaDon Books Publishing, a new publishing industry co-founded by a newspaper mogul, Richard Egland, just announced its opening to writers of fictional and nonfictional genres; horror, romance, sci-fi, action/adventure, mystery, suspense, thriller, erotica, urban-lit, chick-lit, experimental, hard-boiled, espionage, regional, fantasy, Western, Africa, Afro-America, poetry-chapbook, short-stories, children's books, graphic novels, young adult, ethnic, how-to, inspirational, memoir, historical, religion, controversy, and true crimes.

Located in the Big Sky area of Montana, this company's infrastructure is surrounded by two stretched blocks of industrial installations, and a main office edifice. Richard and his staff of professionals believes in the free market revolution of book publishing, and are willing to do whatever it takes to top over the seven major publishers of America. In a public announcement made by the publisher four years ago, Richard quoted, saying, "I'm sad over what's going on with the book industry nowadays. Book stores are closing all over the nation, and less and less people are reading fictions. Personally, I think the major book publishers are to blame for their continuing mistakes of publishing writers with mediocre talents. I know the ins and outs of running a newspaper, and believe me when I say nobody love reading stories more than me. That's why I created ParaDon Books Publishing. ParaDon Books is exactly what a publisher should be. We will be the stepping stone that will correct the flaws of mediocre writing that's circulating through the book market today, by only putting out writers of quality styles that will seduce and induce every readers minds. From now on, no talented writer will be rejected because there's only enough room or budget to publish that one other writer. Every talented writer will have a chance to shine with us, and will. I have a fine team of qualified editors, the best cover graphic artists in the industry, a world-wide distributing channel, great promotion service, and we offer advance payment and high royalty pays to our authors. In the upcoming months when you start buying our books, you will not only be getting a great story, you'll also feel as if you're owning a great piece of art that will look good on your furniture or digital library. Our logo is 'Welcome to the future of publishing, where you can actually judge a book by its cover,' because we all know that a picture can tell a thousand words. I am looking for manuscripts with good characterization and fresh voice; the kind of stories that may become the future's classics."

Based on the amount of money reportedly invested into the company, ParaDon Books could be that next publishing giant that will rescue the book industry from its downfall, by publishing talented writers and distributing their works throughout a network that may reach majority of the book lovers in the world.

"Once a manuscript pass our reading test and is accepted by us, the material will be quickly edited by one of our professionals and then converted into an eBook and audiobook. The title will then be made available through ALL of our eBook distributing channels, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, iPhone, Podcast, etc., for a regulatory period of six months. The rating of how well your eBook and audiobook sell within this regulatory period will determine the Advance payment that will be offer for the Paperback and Hardcover production of the title." This systematic logic was explained by the publisher himself, who also stated that he is "preferably looking for writers of young ages that can grow with the industry and learn what the industry has to offer from within. However, age will not be the deciding factor when deciding the stories that have merit."

Every writer are urge to submit their completed work for consideration. All proposal package should include a query letter, synopsis, bio, and the first 50 pages. All manuscript must be typed, well formatted, have a good story/subject line, edited, and be at least 200 pages long (except for children books, poetry chap-books, and graphic novels).

When asked if ParaDon Books charge reading or publishing fee, the publisher declined, and stated that ParaDon Books do not charge fees of any kind to their authors except for payroll taxes.

Richard also responded, saying, "I want every writer submitting their story to us to take their work very seriously and put out their best, because we reserve the right to reject mediocre writings that may not be productive. We are also interested to adopting published books and ebooks written and published by indie writers; given that they are ready enter into a contract with us. I use to run a newspaper print, so I know the burden of dealing with unqualified submissions. I want every writer submitting to us to know that we have their best investment at heart, and guarantee to benefit from our marketing system."

All inquiries ONLY are to be forwarded to

This company is brand new, and looking for a lot of quality stories to catalog. Electronic submissions are allow only through the company's website.

About ParaDon Books Publishing
ParaDon Books Publishing is a privately-owned establishment, with distribution deals that reach all over the globe. A B2B - B2C company, that offers great services that comes with a professional touches. ParaDon Books have a fine team of qualified editors, the best book cover graphic artists in the industry, affordable book prices, great stories, great promotions, world-wide distribution, high-royalty pay, and publishes books in all six formats (Hardcover, paperback, e-Book, Mp3 Downloads, CD and Audiotape).