Joe Bragg Aims to Be Internet's Number One Resource for Aspiring Paralegals


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 -- Paralegals play a valuable role in any law office. Paralegals enjoy competitive salaries and a challenging working environment at law firms across the country. Becoming a paralegal typically only requires a two year associate’s degree, making it an accessible career option for men and women of any educational background.

At, visitors can learn everything they need to know about paralegals and the work they do. The website features a detailed description of the average day in the life of a paralegal along with the educational requirements needed.

A spokesperson for explains that the site has some ambitious goals:

“We want our site to be the internet’s number one resource for becoming a paralegal. In order to achieve that goal, we update our site on a regular basis with information that is relevant to paralegals and those who want to become paralegals. Our articles cover a diverse range of topics, including step by step guides to becoming a paralegal as well as the difference between legal assistants and paralegals.”

The Paralegal Job Description Info website has also collected salary data for paralegals across the country. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, has discovered that the average annual wage for paralegals is $50,200 across the United States. However, top paralegals can expect to make as much as $82,000 when working for top law firms in states like California.

After discovering how competitive paralegal salaries can be across the country, visitors to can read the website’s step by step guide to becoming a paralegal. That guide lists the following steps:

Step 1) Complete high school or take the GED
Step 2) Get a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree in paralegal studies from a school that has been approved by the American Bar Association
Step 3) Get an internship and receive as much work experience as possible on the job
Step 4) Become certified as a paralegal, which is required for some law firm jobs, and begin applying for paralegal jobs across the country

Paralegals perform a diverse range of duties at law firms. They interview clients, conduct research, and draft official court documents, among other tasks. Those interested in becoming a paralegal in the United States can visit today for more information.

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