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Paranormal Blogger Offers Insight Into Psychic Medium Readings

A blog post by Meg Tallon shows how psychic mediums are different from regular psychics.


St. Paul, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2011 -- Although the popularity of psychic medium readings has grown with the advent of television shows like “Medium” and the recently released “Long Island Medium,” Meg Tallon, a blogger at Psychic Craft, says that psychic mediums have a long history in the US and other countries. Tallon is a paranormal enthusiast who writes about getting good psychic medium readings online. Her blog post “Psychic Medium Readings – Truly Multidimensional” takes a look this psychic reader niche.

According to Tallon, mediums are psychics who communicate with beings beyond the earthly world. They may be loved ones who have passed on, extraterrestrials or spirit guides from another dimension. Tallon explains that these readings can be intense, especially for people who want to connect to a deceased friend or relative.

Psychic medium phone readings can be emotional, but also very healing,” said Tallon. “Those on the other side want to help those of us still here on Earth understand that they’re okay. You may want to have a box of tissues nearby if you’re getting this type of reading.”

In “Psychic Medium Readings – Truly Multidimensional,” Tallon notes that although it’s not widely publicized, mediums are sometimes used by the police to help solve criminal cases. The TV show “Medium” is based on a real life psychic medium who did just that. Other mediums connect with angels to deliver messages of insight to the people they’re reading for.

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About Psychic Craft:
Psychic Craft is a blog that provides advice to people looking for good phone psychic readings. The site is run by paranormal enthusiast Meg Tallon.