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Paranormal Romance Author Gets Busy with Celtic Creatures

Paranormal romance fiction does not need to be all about vampires and werewolves wrote guest blogger Juli D. Revezzo. Her guest post at Her Ladyship’s Quest extolled the romantic possibilities of Celtic mythological beings in her debut novel Passion’s Sacred Dance.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2014 -- On Tuesday Her Ladyship’s Quest the blog of fantasy author Tracy Falbe welcomed guest blogger Juli D. Revezzo. Her post Unusual Paranormal Characters in Romance explained her choice to use creatures from Celtic myths in her debut paranormal romance novel Passion’s Sacred Dance published by the Wild Rose Press.

Revezzo questioned why the genre had “gelled into two factions: Vampires and werewolves” when the breadth of world mythologies offered so many supernatural beings and gods to inspire authors.

For example Scottish selkies and the many creatures from Greek and Roman myths could be source material for stories wrote the author. Playfully she even imagined the “erotic antics” that a faun character might inspire and joked that C.S. Lewis missed a chance for paranormal romance with his faun character.

Knowing that she is writing for an audience of primarily women seeking adventure and romance with some weird twists beyond what normal men can offer, Revezzo built upon her love of Celtic mythology when creating the romantic couple in Passion’s Sacred Dance.

“Warriors, druids, sorcerers, and maidens with mystical powers” are the elements that excite her imagination.

About Revezzo
Revezzo hails from Florida and has loved stories and storytelling her whole life. At her website she mentioned devouring Arthurian tales. Her love of literature guided her education and she earned a B.A. in English and American Literature. She has had several short stories published in literary magazines including Dark Things II: Cat Crimes, The Scribing Ibis, Eternal Haunted Summer, Twisted Dreams Magazine, and Luna Station Quarterly.

For readers interested in learning more about Revezzo, her guest post at Her Ladyship’s Quest included links to her websites, social media accounts, and retail outlets for Passion’s Sacred Dance that is available as an ebook or paperback.