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Paranormal Summer: Mystery Suspense Novel Fuses Law of Attraction, Fantasy and Magic.

As book one of the ‘Indigo Moon Rising’ series, ‘Paranormal Summer’ offers readers thrill and excitement like they have never experienced it before. Steeped with twists and turns, what is the story really about?


Michiana, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2012 -- With Halloween literally on the doorstep, Sherry Guyberson could not have timed the release of her paranormal fantasy book more perfectly. ‘Paranormal Summer’ is just the first installment of the ‘Indigo Moon Rising’ series, proving that every day can bare the suspense and thrills of Halloween.

The book places focus on a group of teenagers with supernatural gifts. When they turn their hand to ghost hunting and enter a world very much unlike their own, anything becomes possible.


Bakersburg Tennessee once a sleepy little town is now home to three misfit teens with supernatural gifts. As they learn to develop and trust their abilities, they begin to unravel the dark secrets of the past. They begin to experience what is meant by ‘the veil is thinning.’ More teens like them are coming out of the woodwork. It seems this is little burg, just South of the Smokies is becoming a paranormal hot spot. The once hidden books of light and of dark weave the teens into a web, a devious plot shrouded in a vengeful obsession that is trying to alter destiny. These forces emerge with unparalleled cunning that catapults the teens into confrontations with dark energies. Can they dispel the evil with help from the spirits that have remained and their new found gifts? Do they have the power within them, the clarity and courage needed to fight the wicked bloodline of Miranda?

What makes them different is the same force that brings them together. Join us as they build a team of initiates with Para-normal gifts to build a new future.

As the author explains, Paranormal Summer offers so much more than the regular book.

“Aside from its unique and engaging story, the book has the potential to change the reader’s perspective on life and death and purpose,” says Guyberson, who has had many personal experiences with the paranormal.

She continues, “Throughout the nineteen chapters, readers will be inspired and compelled to relate to their own purpose and spirituality. This is really thought-provoking, especially for younger readers.”

Since its launch, the book has garnered a consistent string of five-star reviews. One reader, Kathy Porter, said that: “Guyberson has written a richly layered story that tackles the timeless theme of good versus evil. Guyberson pits three teenagers, each on the cusp of discovering their own paranormal gifts, up against the Dark Side.”

Another reader, R.H. Ellison, was equally as impressed.

“With writing that is fast-paced and creatively-delivered, Guyberson pulls readers along on a chilling & breathless journey, with scientific knowledge woven seamlessly into the story - and the result is a plethora of insights are raw, weighted, and real,” they wrote.

With so much success on her hands, what is next for Guyberson and her world?

“Well, there are plenty of books to come. Book two, The Ticking of the Tock, will be available in late March. For less than the price of a one-minute call with a psychic, readers can have dozens of hours of fun!” she says.

Paranormal Summer, published by CreateSpace, is available now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and soon to Smashwords.

For more information, please visit the book’s official website: http://www.paranormalsummer.com

About the Author: Sherry Guyberson
Having traveled as far away as Egypt, Sherry Guyberson boasts many rich and uplifting experiences.

With a self-declared interest in the paranormal, her own encounters have highly influenced Guyberson’s writing.

When not holding a pen, Guyberson enjoys homeschooling her children, photography, making movies, traveling, gardening and raising butterflies.