Paratus Consulting Group Announces New Combat Life Saver Course

Lifesaver course teaches basic life saving techniques and procedures for field application


Daytona Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2013 -- Paratus Consulting Group, an industry leader in the field of firearms training, has launched a new program designated “Combat Life Saver”.

Michael Goble, a lead instructor/co-owner of Paratus states that, “Students with previous knowledge of firearms will be able to learn and apply proven techniques in the field of combat medicine. In addition, students will be taught basic as well as advanced skills from combat medical operators and learn how to properly assess and treat a variety of wounds in the most austere environments under stress.”

In this training scenario, students will utilize dry fire and live fire techniques while learning the fundamentals of operating as a medical force multiplier in an active shooter or combat situation. Practical application will be utilized for all scenarios that a student may encounter.

“This specialized Combat Life Saver training course will instill confidence in the students who take it and will enable them to be better prepared in day-to-day life saving scenarios…”, according to Daniel Robertson, co-owner/lead instructor at the Paratus Consulting Group.

Combat Life Saver Course Particulars

The Combat Life Saver Course encompasses two days of extensive training in which students will learn these salient points:

- Care under fire
- Self aid and buddy aid techniques
- Utilizing medical kits and personal IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)
- Mass casualty procedures
- Building and maintaining medical kits
- Identifying various wounds
- Recognizing symptoms
- Treating wounds
- Triage and priorities of casualties
- Field expedient medical supplies and litter
- Rescue and extraction techniques
- Brief overview of Casevac 9 line

The Combat Life Saver Course and many other firearms training courses are offered by Paratus Consulting Group. More information about the Life Saver Course is available here: . Class sizes are limited and prospective students are encouraged to avoid potential disappointment with class availability by signing up for the course at their earliest convenience.

About Paratus Consulting Group
Paratus Consulting Group offers custom tailored training courses for armed citizens, law enforcement, and military worldwide. We take years of experience operating in high threat environments and adapt them to the needs of our clients. The core foundations of Paratus were born from years of training and service in combat operations around the world, as well as contract security and high-threat protective services.

Our instructors and program developers have acquired their knowledge from a wide spectrum of operational experience, ranging from conventional warfare to special operations, and have worked and operated in multiple countries and conflicts throughout the world. This blend of experience has yielded a training program which is highly adaptable and tailor-made to meet the specific and individual needs of our clientele. The eternal student is the greatest teacher, and our staff’s continued work in real world high threat environments brings our client the most up to date and advanced training available.

We offer custom built training courses that teach students how to properly and safely employ firearms in a number of various environments and settings. Beginning with the basic manipulation of a personal handgun to advanced techniques and employment of tactical weapons and equipment, our staff will personally customize training programs to facilitate the specific needs of each client.

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