Parental Monitoring App by MamaBear Is Available for Multiple iOS 4.0 or Later Devices.

Information on functionality of the MamaBear parental monitoring app.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2012 -- The MamaBear parental monitoring app is available on the App Store and compatible with a wide variety of iOS devices. The MamaBear app installs on an iOS device controlled by the parent, while the smaller version must be installed on the GPS enabled IPhone carried by the child. GeoWaggle recommends IPhone 4 and more recent models with advanced GPS for real-time child monitoring.

The MamaBear app installs easily from the App Store onto any iOS 4.0 or later device. IPhone to IPhone 5, any IPod touch of third to fifth generation or any IPad running 4.0 or later can run the MamaBear parent app. This makes MamaBear extremely convenient for the parent who can monitor it from most Apple devices.

The MamaBear app allows real-time monitoring of the location of the child and gives the child access to three easy buttons to communicate to the parent. MamaBear uses GPS technology to alert the parent if the child enters or leaves an area outside of programmed parameters. MamaBear also allows parents to program alerts when the child gets tagged in a picture or social media post. It also issues an alert when a child adds new friends or uses language the parent has programmed as inappropriate. For the child, MamaBear offers three basic easy to understand options.

These are basic buttons that say “check in” ,“Come Get Me” and “SoS.” These buttons use GPS data to inform the parent of the immediate location of the child in an emergency situation. As of the September 21 update MamaBear is available and works ideally on IPhones from the 4, 4S and the new 5 model for the child version. Most IPod and IPad devices can use the full parental monitoring app.

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