Parental Participation in Children's Upbringing While Divorced


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2014 -- Parental Participation in Children’s Upbringing

When a couple divorces, child custody often becomes a bone of contention between them. To prove he’s a good parent, a dad will need an attorney that specializes in divorce rights for men. Such a lawyer can help a father obtain equal time and input to their well-being. can offer pointers to find a good legal representative, but first wants to point out why it is so important that both parents take an active role in bring up their kids, such as:

-Statistics about Fatherless Homes
-Situations Resulting in Single Parent Homes
-Effects of Single Parent Homes on Children
-Children’s Responses to Parental Participation

Facts Regarding Fatherless Homes

Dads need to be involved in their kids’ upbringing, as is evidenced by the following statistics: 90% of runaway and homeless kids come from “broken” homes. Some them develop into rapists – up to 80% of them. Also, 85% of children with behavior disorders come out of absentee father homes. To combat these statistics, fathers must find divorce and custody attorneys for men who can prove that their clients should be equally included in raising their children.

Why Fatherless Homes Exist

There are many circumstances which result in fatherless homes. One is that men involved in creating children choose not to be involved with them. Another is the mother’s determination to show that the father is a danger to the children. When a woman accuses a father of such behavior, it’s time for him to obtain an effective divorce lawyer for men who can go to bat for him to combat such accusations. Checking with can result in assistance to locate such an attorney.

How Fatherless Homes Effect Children

For fathers going through both divorce and child custody situations, it’s wise to find some divorce support for men. One place to find it is at a men’s divorce group. Men who’ve been in this position can suggest a lawyer who helped them gain equal input regarding their kids. Fatherless children are 5 times more likely than the national average to commit suicide. Young men grow up angry; young women end up choosing poor boyfriends. The emotional and psychological damage done to children without dads is endless and can only be eliminated by a father’s active participation in their lives.

Two-Parent Homes & Children

When children grow up in a stable two-parent home, they are instilled with positive morals. They learn to be fair listeners when conflict arises. To aid in their kids’ healthy future, the best option is to help raise them in one home. If this is not possible, a father can obtain divorce and custody legal advice for men. In many cases, with strong involvement of both parents, children turn out to be well-adjusted adults.

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