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Parenting Strategies and Tips Help Forgo Medications for ADHD in Children

The Overcoming ADHD Without Medication blog provides parental and educational strategies and tips. Experienced teachers share insight on how to help children in the classroom and at home. Medications for ADHD in children often become unnecessary as a result.


Newark, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2014 -- Parents and teachers can help children to succeed in the classroom, even if a child is pre-disposed to symptoms of ADHD. Children are being diagnosed with ADHD at younger and younger ages, often being prescribed strong stimulant medications for ADHD, even in preschool. However, much can be done in the classroom and at home to help children. Parents should set firm but reasonable limits at home. Teachers note that children benefit from one-on-one attention at home and in the classroom.

Parents and caregivers, give children one-on-one attention after school. Spend time with young children, read to them, take them to the park and let them burn off energy, help them with their homework, make sure they are keeping up with their homework, and regularly communicate with their teacher. This can help circumvent negative patterns that may be developing in favor of positive adjustments.

The AYCNP provides needed information to help parents to help their children overcome ADHD and ADD symptoms in children without needing to resort to psychiatric medications for ADHD. The new Overcoming ADHD Without Medication blog provides ideas and tips in raising special needs children, in parenting, and in understanding ADHD.

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