Parents Are Using Whiteboards for Home Schooling Says

In the UK over 50,000 children are being kept at home for home schooling instead of being sent to school. A large portion of the parents who keep their children at home turn to for advice on which Whiteboard to buy to help with their children’s schooling


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2014 -- It has recently been reported that 50,000 children are being taught at home in the UK, a figure the British government wants to keep hidden. According to the report, the number of children who are being taught at home is rising by 80% each year as some parents have become disillusioned with the traditional schooling methods.

Many parents who teach their children at home are turning to for advice on which Whiteboard they should buy to teach their children. As leading Whiteboard experts who offer a whole range of whiteboards to help with home education, they have become a trusted friend of parents who have turned against the traditional educational methods.

It has been reported that many parents feel let down by the government with the way they are mismanaging the education system in the UK. According to the report, some parents feel the teaching methods are out of date while other parents feel the class size is too big.

No matter what reason a parent takes their child out of school for home schooling, they all have one thing in common. All parents need to have the right tools to be able to teach their children in the correct manner, one of the most important tools for home schooling is the Whiteboard.

A spokesman for the Notice Board Shop said: “We are seeing a huge increase in the number of parents who turn to us for advice on the best Whiteboard to buy for home schooling. Each year we are noticing more and more parents are taking their children out of school in the hope they can provide them with a better education.”

Five reasons why A Whiteboard is great for home schooling

1. A Whiteboard allows the child to engage in the lesson.
2. The whiteboard allows the child to have fun while learning
3. Using a Whiteboard will save on paper.
4. The Whiteboard can be used to teach more than one child
5. No need to worry about maintenance or using electricity for the Whiteboard

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