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Parents as Tutors Pilot Program in Illinois School District Receives Positive Response


Clinton, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2016 -- Parents and teachers in a northern Illinois school district are pleased with a pilot program developed by Parents as Tutors, LLC that focused on enhancing children's literacy skills.

Parents as Tutors, whose mission is to provide parents with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to engage in student learning, was recently featured in an article about their involvement in Joliet Public Schools District 86 that was published in The Herald News.

According to the article, Joliet District 86 engages parents in children's learning, Parents as Tutors worked with dozens of parents of kindergarteners and first-graders as part of the district's outreach efforts to get parents involved in the education process.

About Parents as Tutors
Parents as Tutors promotes and supports parental engagement is through parental reading workshops and a series of books designed to help parents understand reading components and instructional strategies for helping children increase their reading level.

Parents taking part in the pilot program were provided with books from the series, the article said.

The article also reported that the district's superintendent hopes the Parents as Tutors program would eventually become district wide. The program was piloted in two of the district's elementary school earlier this fall.

One parent interviewed said the pilot program helped her to "be more like a teacher at home."

"My goal is I'll do whatever I can – I'll communicate with the teacher – I'll do whatever I can to help my child become better than me," parent Bridgette Sinegar said in the article.

Parents as Tutors shares Sinegar's goals and finds that although many parents are involved and willing to be engaged, they lack the knowledge necessary to help struggling readers.

They offer training and support for parents whose children are speakers of a second language, are unable to fund tutoring services, desire to prepare their children for Kindergarten readiness, and who need the skills to ensure that their children will be able to pass reading standardized tests.

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