Parents Begin Researching the Hottest Toys of 2012

Shortages For the Top Toys and Games Should Be Expected


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2012 -- Even before Black Friday rolls around and the crowds of shoppers descend upon American stores, parents are researching online which toys to buy their children.  Among the top toys for girls this year is the Furby, a cute purple furry pet that resembles Gizmo from the classic 1980s movie Gremlins and responds to music and voices.  While the Furby is widely available today for just a little over fifty bucks, whether it and the other popular toys stay on the shelves and in stock online throughout the holiday season is something we can only guess.

Sellouts among the hottest holiday toys are a common occurrence.  Stories of parents trekking between numerous shopping centers and malls on Christmas Eve to find their child that perfect gift have become something of an American urban legend.  And there is always at least one story around Christmas time about two parents getting into an argument over a last remaining gift, which often leads to fisticuffs and jail time.  More than ever, however, parents today are relying upon the Internet for their gift shopping needs.  When shopping season rolls around, popular internet retailers such as can go from carrying a healthy stock to having none available for purchase in a matter of minutes as voracious shoppers wreak havoc on their web site servers.  As a result, many parents are often choosing to order the hottest toys earlier than normal, even well before Black Friday.

Parents who wait will often find less opportunities to make a purchase as Christmas day nears.  While there haven't been any breakout toys so far this 2012 holiday season, popular toys for girls such as Monster High Meowlady Dolls as well as top toys for boys like the LeapPad 2 Explorer tablets are both expected to sell at record numbers, possibly leading to shortages early in the season.

Fortunately, even if a toy has seemingly sold out everywhere, there is still hope for the parent.  Unlike in the old days when you'd have to visit store-to-store and possibly waste hours of your time without finding the desired toy, most stores today offer inventory information online through their web sites. and, for example, allow customers to choose specific physical stores close to their location in order to check to see if an item is still in stock there.  So you can jump from one store to another within a matter of seconds in the comfort of your own living room. It is just another example of how technology has made our holiday shopping all the more easier.

The buying strategy for this holiday season is relatively simple:  To get the hottest toys, buy early and buy online if possible. makes it easy with their Holiday Toy List,you gets ratings, pictures, detailed descriptions, and even testimonials so you can unbiased reviews on that perfect toy before you buy it.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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