Parents Hit Back over School Term Holiday Ban with Teacher Training Days Fine Threat Says

Some parents are threatening to issue schools with a fine over teacher training days during term time in retaliation to fines being issued to parents.


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2015 -- The school term holiday ban has caused tens of thousands of parent's hardship when trying to book a cheap holiday. With the new rules that parents are not allowed to take their children out of school for a cheap holiday during term time, thousands of children are now missing out on a holiday. However, parents are now fighting back says

The cheap airport car parking airports decided to do some research into the school ban after finding that 1,600 parents in Hull were fined in less than 12 months. During the research, found that thousands of children have never been on holiday due to the government ban. However, some parents are now fighting back by threatening schools with a fine of their own over teacher training days.

A parent from Yorkshire said: "The ban is disgusting. Holiday prices increase when children are off school. This year is the first time since the ban we are going on holiday. I have told the school if they give me a fine I will be seeking legal advice about issuing a fine of my own over teacher training days."

Another parent from Manchester said: "When teachers decide to train during term time instead of doing it in all the holidays they have, it costs me money. The school, my daughter goes to feels it is ok, but when I want to take my child out of school for a cheap holiday I receive a fine."

The parent from Manchester, who like so many other parents spoken to, said they have told their school if they issue a fine they will take legal action against them over the teacher training days.

Many parents have said it costs them money when schools decide to close for teacher training days. With the cost of either taking the day off work or finding a child minder, if a parent did challenge teacher training days in court and won, it could cost schools tens of millions of pounds.

Many parents have said it does not make sense to have teacher training days during term time when there are so many school holidays available. Other parents have asked if any training actually does take place.

A spokesman for said: "It does seem very silly that the government and schools are saying children should not miss a day off school and then decide to have teacher training days during term time."

According to some parents, the cheap airport parking experts spoke to, the threat of legal action over has enabled them to avoid a fine for taking their children out of school., who help holidaymakers save money by finding cheap airport parking believe if a Barrister took up the case and won, it could be a serious embarrassment to the Government. The government could be then forced to foot the bill.

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